My Name is Ekaterina; Can I be Your Girlfriend? Part 1

My Name is Ekaterina: Can I be Your Girlfriend? Part 1


Today we are moving to another of our talented scammers, Ekaterina.  This is a different person than the person Kate that we have described earlier in this series.  Ekaterina is notable by the fact that our ‘conversation’ lasted more than a month.  We survived the first demand of money, $570 to purchase ‘airplane tickets’, only to have the demand repeated two weeks later.  Where these requests were made, I will include some of my conversation to show how I deflected this attempt at fraud.

Ekaterina appears to be a very young girl, despite the fact that she claims to be 29 years old.  I personally believe that this is a common practice by these types of scammers, to more reliably entice intended victims; it is slimy and very regrettable.

 This will be a series of blog posts, which could very well form the backbone of my fourth book.  A reminder, I am including spelling and grammatical errors to provide an accurate depiction of what you might see in your email inbox.

Because of this, I’d appreciate it if you would carefully review our Copyright Notice at the end of this post.  You may not: Use, Borrow, Extract, Copy, or in any way, perform any action that could limit the writer’s future rights to: Leverage, Sell, Publish, Distribute or Infringe any commercial consideration that damages the author or his rights in any way.

The second day after I responded to her first short note.

Cliff you again please me the with the letter. I am glad to receive your photos. I hope that I shall receive them more. I very much missed and waited when the working day what to receive your letter would will
end. I very much hoped, that you will write to me. And you to write to me. Cliff tell to me more what you want in a life? To what you aspire?

Tell to me more about the friends. What do you do together? Where go?

Than be engaged? How you like to have a rest? Than you are engaged every evening? What you dream? Also what you dream? Or you do not have dreams?   

Cliff I very much would want that we could know all one about other before we shall meet. I told to you about the two girlfriends. Now with me only one. But I am assured of her. I know that she the present
girlfriend. You to have such friends? Tell to me. You were deceived by your friends?   

I send you the photo. Cliff if you will not like that tell to me. Well? Or it is pleasant to you? I hope what yes.

Cliff tomorrow I shall talk to the girlfriend that we communicate with you. She yet does not know, but when we today with her have met. She has told, that at me an eye happy and why. I have told that I shall inform in the evening. Cliff you represent to change my life already!

I so am glad, that you remember me and an idea that who thinks of you warms me. And you that feel? You Wait for my letters?
I miss your letter.

The next day

Cliff I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad to receive your photo.

You  like me. Today there was a good day and even on work there was nothing complex. All was good. Weather good and clear.

I  never  was  in  the  Grand Cayman Island  but I very much would wish to visit there If  I  find  which  person I I will love from another’s country that I will make all to arrive to it.

Cliff I would like to learn more about your work. Than you on it are engaged? You wished to be engaged in it since the childhood? Or has then decided to be engaged in it? At you the good chief? At you with
it good relations? Or not? You like to work? Or you to search for other work is better and without a regret have left?   

I since the childhood dreamed what to become the expert who will help people. The teacher or the doctor. Once I was in hospital and to me have liked, as people concern nurse and I have solved, that I shall work in hospital.  

Cliff it is interesting to me, as though you concern to my trade? You think, it is necessary? When I see happy and healthy people whom to discharge from hospital I understand that – yes.

Cliff you could tell about the usual day? I to wake up in the morning, to go for work, there I to examine patients and to check, what they to accept medicines and to look for their state of health. Then I go
home. But all over again I to come to the Internet of cafe and to wait your letter. And I am happy when I receive it. Even mum has noticed and asks, why in my opinion such happy shine.    

I shall tell tomorrow to mum about that that I communicate with you. It is interesting to you that it will tell?  I shall wait for your letter tomorrow.


And the day after

Cliff I am glad to receive your letter. I waited for it and trusted, that it will come. I have woken up in the morning because the beam of the sun shines to me in eyes. And when I have seen, what weather I have understood that you today will write to me.  

   Cliff I talked to mum. It was glad, that I have got acquainted and have told, that I would be cautious. It speaks, that I precisely would know all about you before, that that to solve. I have told, that you good
the man, and it has calmed down. It asked, than you are engaged also other questions. And it as has told to transfer you “hi”. And I to transfer it to you.    

Cliff as you think. We have casually got acquainted or not? I think, that in this world there is no accident and our acquaintance too is not casual. We to search for the love, that with whom it will be good.

And I think, that we to understand soon to approach we to one another or not. How you think? I am right?   

We as two boats at ocean also communicate with you through a portable radio set. And they can meet, and can, no. I think, that it so. And I hope, that at us the general rate, and we shall meet. But all over
again we need to learn one about other better.  

Cliff tell to me about that with whom you was familiar and why you to leave? What did your parting serve the main things the reason?  I would like it the nobility. I hope, that you to tell to me it in the
following letter.

I send you a photos. It is pleasant to you? Cliff I already miss…… Without your letter

Your girlfriend Ekaterina


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