My Name is Ekaterina; Can I be Your Girlfriend? Part 4

Today we are continuing our series on our talented scammers, Ekaterina.  Ekaterina is notable by the fact that our ‘conversation’ lasted more than a month.  We survived the first demand of money, $570 to purchase ‘airplane tickets’, only to have the demand repeated two weeks later.  Where these requests were made, I will include some of my conversation to show how I deflected this attempt at fraud.

Ekaterina appears to be a very young girl, despite the fact that she claims to be 29 years old.  I personally believe that this is a common practice by these types of scammers, to more reliably entice intended victims; it is slimy and very regrettable.

This Part 4 of our series on her (and the scammers that are using her image and name).  Parts One, Two and Three can be found by following the links.

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On another sunny Tuesday morning the following note arrived.

Cliff I am glad to receive your letter. I very much waited for your letter.
I now know, how I can surprise you. I thought of that much as how to
make. And I think, that we it is good to know one about other already
enough and it is necessary for us will meet. You agree with me? Cliff
I shall go tomorrow and to learn when I can arrive to you. I think,
that already tomorrow I can inform you date when I can arrive to you.   
I thought in the evening much and I cannot live what any more to not
feel your kisses, your embraces, the most gentle and sweet in this
world. I wish to feel you, I wish to enjoy our passion, I wish to wake
up in your embraces, I want, that our happiness was with us for ever.  
I love you Cliff!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish to be with you!!!!!!!!!!
I want, that all our dreams would become a reality for ever.
I want, that we with you would be happy.
And it becomes a reality. We shall be the happiest together. I to
search for you all life and tomorrow I can tell to you when we shall
meet. I am assured, what it is good news to you? The truth? Cliff you
will meet me? I know what yes. I do not know when, but I shall learn
how all to make and when I can be with you, and already tomorrow,
represent, tomorrow we shall know as how to do.    
I do not know how to describe that I to feel now.
I am happy!!!!!!!!!!! I shall be with you Cliff!!!!!!!!!!
And to not describe words ours with you of feeling. I to give you the
heart, and I know, that with you to my heart it will be good. Remember
I spoke you that we to float towards to one another. And here already
soon we will meet. And then at us the new and fine life will begin.  
You agree with me Cliff????

        Yours and only your loving and gentle Ekaterina

And on Wednesday…

Hi my dear Cliff! Im glad your message. I hope that you have Good day?
I had intense day and I’ve greater Weariness in my body now. today I
reached office of travel company and discussed with them My travel.
They will prepare for me necessary Documents for travel and ticket on
plane. Some information for development of a route is required to my
manager about plane. Inform me dear address of the most nearest
airport to you which I should arrive. This information is required
Tomorrow that we could establish cost of travel. Today I have paid to
them only for preparation of visa and some necessary Papers. It was in
sometimes more than I planned because of Difficulties in reception
visa. Dear your help for payment another will be probably required
Parts of cost for travel if cost of tickets the plane will be Very
big. I certainly have some sum still and as I ll be To take some money
from my mum. But its possible will not suffice For payment of tickets
and insurance. I will be known after development Route of travel. I
shall inform you Cliff, if your help required to me. I hope that it
will not be a problem for you. I have informed you the information on
promotion our meeting and now I send to have a rest. Im very tired
today. my favourite I hope that I can soon embrace you!

I wait your messages, dear!
My kisses and embraces for you.
Your Ekaterina

P.S. Do not forget to inform address and airport.

 And the next day…

Hello My Lovely Man and My Fine Cliff!!!!!!
Cliff I am glad to receive your letter. I am glad that you have not
left me one and I very much love you and I could not live if you have
not answered me.
I every day dream of you and I wish to be with you. It is very
difficult, very much hard to live and know that I can not to be with
the favourite person. Today I have reached agencies of travel and have
given the information concerning the Tampa International airport.
My agent has informed me that the trip will cost to 945 US dollars.
In this sum to enter registration of the passport,
the visa, a trip to Embassy, sending of documents into Moscow and
residing in Moscow before interview and after.
I has paid 375 dollars and now I need to  570 US dollars
more that I could arrive to you. My agent has told to me that this money
   will it is necessary to pay to me within several days.
  These are very big money but I think that you will help me with this problem and
    I at last that can to arrive to you that we were together. I LOVE YOU Cliff!!!!!!
I wish to be with you, your love is necessary for me only. I am ready
to give a life what we with you were happy, that our love never would
die, that it would be with us, that we could feel our passion,
tenderness and caress.
You my life, my love my happiness. In this world there is nothing more
perfectly than our love. And I shall make all, all that in my forces
that we would meet. But love which in ours hearts which warms and gives us
fine dreams will help us.
We shall be happy. At us in the country to have the saying. If very to
want it is possible to depart to the sky.
I do not want in the sky. I want to you. Cliff only you, only you
the man of my dream and I shall give a life for our love. For our
Cliff I will be assured of that that our life is fine. All that would
be necessary for us that it happens, it to be together. And I hope
that we can make it.
If we shall make all together if the God will help us that we we shall
I LOVE YOU Cliff!!!!!!!!!
Yours and only your loving and gentle Ekaterina

Halfway through the month…

Hello My Lovely Man And My Sun Cliff!!!!!!!
Cliff I think only of you and about that as it will be good us
I very much would want that our life will be is fine. What
you would want that I made when we shall be together? I think of you
much. I want say to you about that as I present our usual day when we
shall be together. Cliff, I think that it will begin from that as we
shall wake up with you in one bed. I shall lay the head on your breast
and you will embrace me the hand. I shall open eyes and I shall see
you. I shall tender kiss you and you too will wake up and will answer
my kisses, gentle and passionate. Then I shall stand from a bed, I
shall be naked and I shall dress your shirt and I shall go to prepare
on kitchen easy breakfast for us. When I shall prepare for it you come
for me behind and your embraces will warm me, you will kiss me all
over again in an ear, then in a neck and your hands will caress my
body, my breasts and my hips. But here the teapot will begin to boil
and we shall have breakfast with you. Then we shall take a shower
together. Cliff, we shall be make love in a bath and only then we
shall leave therefrom, we will have good mood and all day will be
fine. Then when you will come from work I shall meet you the gentle
kiss. We with you shall make all together, in the evenings we shall
sit on sofa near TV and to look good film, then together we shall go
to a bedroom and we shall be make love yet weariness.
If at whom that from us will be bad mood. That we shall try to change
it. If you will long that I would shall make all that you smiled and
melancholy have disappeared from your eyes. I would shall make all
that you always were happy and I hope that you too. I love you and my
life belongs to you. Cliff, how you imagine our usual day together? Or
weekend? Or a holiday?
I with impatience wait for your letter.
Yours and only your loving Ekaterina



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  2. Doesn’t this chick know it’s dangerous to cook naked? Grease splatter can be deadly!

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