My Name is Ekaterina: Can I be Your Girlfriend? Part 7

Today we are continuing our series on our talented scammers,  Ekaterina.  Ekaterina is notable by the fact that our ‘conversation’  lasted more than a month.  We survived the first demand of money, $570 to  purchase ‘airplane tickets’, only to have the demand repeated two weeks  later.  Where these requests were made, I will include some of my  conversation to show how I deflected this attempt at fraud.  This is the last post on ‘this’ Ekaterina.

Ekaterina appears to be a very young girl, despite the  fact that she claims to be 29 years old.  I believe that this is a  common practice by these types of scammers, to more reliably entice intended  victims; it is slimy and very regrettable.

This Part 7 of our series on her (and the scammers that are  using her image and name).  Parts OneTwo ,  ThreeFour,  Five and Six  can be found by following the links.

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On Another Beautiful Thursday in Paradise…

Hi my love Cliff! I have received your message.Today  I have reached agency and my agent has informed me that my visa is approved and  that I need to pay the remained sum of contract 570 US dollars. Please send me this money today or tomorrow that I a haze to receive them and to pay  to my agent. As soon as you will send to me of money you owe me the full  address and a full name as should inform me control number of transfer that I could receive your money. As soon as I will receive  your money I will pay to their agent for payment of my contract.

I very much miss  on you and I wish to arrive somewhat quicker to you. You for me the unique man  on this earth and me more are necessary nobody. I wish to spend all my life  only with you and any more with whom. I every minute and every second think of  you and I can do nothing with myself. Now I will finish the message and with  impatience I will expect your message.

One million  kisses. Your love Ekaterina

And the next day my owl flew in with this missive…

Hi my love Cliff!
I was very glad to receive your message. It is pleasant to me to read all that  you write to me. I wish to be your wife and more a drawn  game.  I  very much love you and I wish to spend with you all my life.  You  for  me the unique man on this planet and more such as you are  not  present.  I wish to appear in your embraces and to feel your gentle  kisses.  I wish to be always near to you and to support you in all.

 But  all  problem in money I hate money because money now solves presently
all.  I  do not want that money was a problem before us and would  prevent  together  I  cannot  go  through  it.  My  mum is very disturbed  by it. She wants that I had a  beloved which will care of me and  will love me. I am ready on all to  arrive to you. At me in a head many  silly  thoughts how to get money  to arrive to you I are ready to plunder  bank is ready on all if only to  be with you. I think that you understand  me. I do not know that to me to  do I even am ready on that to  go  to  work as the prostitute to  earn money and to arrive to you.

This  very  bad idea but is unique chance that I could earn money but I think  that  after  that you will not love me more but for me a unique way  to  arrive  to you I do not wish it to do and I wish to make love only  only to you. If I do not arrive to you as soon as possible that I do  not  know  that I with myself will make I cannot live without you.

This  damned  money  all  business  in  any  papers  which anything in comparison  with love. I am ready to work  at once on several works and not to sleep if only at me there was this money  but I do not know such way  except  prostitution to earn this money  so quickly but besides me other  men will touch and you will not forgive  me it but I any more do not  see  other exit. I could take the loan  in bank but to me will not give  because I earn very little. I do not know  that to me do I cannot to  constrain  some  the tears of grief  and feeling that I cannot make anything  with  it…  Now  I will finish the message because I cannot write any more and to me it is very  bad.

Your love for  ever Ekaterina

The next day…

I love you with every fiber of my being. If I could do  anything to get the money to you in the next week, I would do so. My only  alternative is to steal the money from a bank or other place of money. I cannot  do that.

There is a difference between I cannot send the money  (because I don’t have it) and I will not send the money  (assuming that I can get it but, for many reason refuse to do so). My situation  is that I DO NOT HAVE IT AND  CANNOT SEND WHAT I DON’T  HAVE! Your agent can put all the deadlines that he wants to  impose, but if it is not available – I say GET ANOTHER AGENT! Who is this agent  anyhow? Perhaps if I talk to him I can appeal to his better nature.

Greetings my love, my future sweet husband Cliff!!!

I read your letter and I am very glad, that you have  written to me.

How your health? How you have lead day? You thought  about me?

I think about you constantly, every waking moment and  when I dream as well. I cannot get you out of my mind.

So you do not suffice me here. At me all time of idea Only about you and  all my desires it only you. I of you Very strongly I like also to me it is very  a pity, that we not together.

I very much miss you, without your words, at me drip  Tears from eyes when I think of us with you. I pay Because I can not live without you, my tenderness.

My head is hammered by ideas only about you, about  mine Handsome man!!!!! At work I can not concentrate, therefore That before my  eyes only your image, your beautiful Eyes, your gentle hair, your strong  body…

My dear, at me heart can not without you. My heart  Young and gentle, sensitive to all. I have grown fond of you All soul and all  heart. If you will injure this heart, That I can not live in this world more  and I can not more To grow fond of whom – that, because you and only you my  most The big love in my life and as I love you, I whom not Liked. You became my  beacon in my way. You have made me The happiest in this world, you have  presented me a lot of happiness.

And I want to give you a lot of happiness and each  second. I wish To be yours the main person in life, your assistant and Your  desired woman.

My sweet, we should try to reunite the friend with The  friend that it would do not cost to us. For the sake of you I shall bypass all  terrestrial Sphere on foot. I want to go to you and to know, that with everyone  past In meter, I all is closer and closer to you. You want it? If yes, That I  today shall go to a way.

I shall run to you and to not stop For one second. I  shall cross through the seas and oceans only to be Near to you and to feel your heat. And if I in a way, People will tell about  me, that what not clever, was lost for the sake of love.

But I am ready for the sake of us with you to make  not possible(probable), my future husband.

My love to you is huge and very strong as a nuclear  bomb.

My prince, I you see already wrote to you, that at my  sister in Moscow am The girlfriend. She is ready to help us. She will try to  make all quickly And it is good. My husband, I wants to arrive to you and to kiss you all life.

Let’s start movement each other, because under a  laying stone Water does not flow. We should aspire to each other and then the  god Will help us. I know, that he on our party and I pray for it.

If I had opportunity and means I not would began to  ask At you the help, and all would make and has arrived to you, my fruit.

But you know, that I earn very little though I work  very much Much very much I try. Why in Russia a standard of living so low? I  Executed these people which think out different laws at us. People

Very much work also their work here so it is a little estimated.

My loved if you have opportunity to approach our  hearts And on always to connect them enable me to arrive to you and I shall  thank You the life love and a fidelity to you. Lovely, I can not It is more to  sit on a place. My soul is torn to you and my heart is poured Hot blood from  distance of us with you. You understand me?

Let’s not wait for a miracle, and we shall create  this miracle. And this miracle Will consist in our happy and long life with  you!!!!!!!!

My agent has told, that he will not wait neither this  nor other month.

As there has passed a lot of time. The agency can wait  week. After that will not work any more with me, and it means, that I cannot be  with you. I to all girlfriends have told, that soon I will with you and to  sunbathe on a beach, to bathe with you in the sea, to have a rest on the  nature. It is all all means what not to be to us together because of money. If  you can send next week I will arrive to you. If is not present, my heart means  will be broken and I can not be with you.

Your damn agent can wait as long as it is necessary! Where  does this agent get the power to tell HIS CUSTOMER when the customer will  travel, and when his customer pays? It is none of his damned business ‘when’;  It is only his business about the ‘how’. Tell this damned primadonna to quit  treating us like we OWE HIM a favor. He is our AGENT. HE WORKS FOR US! He gets profit from our ticket purchase – nothing more. HE HAS NO POWER OVER US ABOUT THE  WHEN!  Damned asshole! What the heck;  does he live in Russia or something? In the modern world, HE serves US!


My mister, I hope, that all have clearly written.  It is very a pity to me, that my time comes to an end. I shall write to you later, my future husband.

I give you the most gentle kisses and!!!!!!!!!

Your loving Ekaterina on always.

As you have clearly written, I too have written clearly. We  will pay when we can. He will arrange the tickets when we tell him to do so.  Until then he can stick his god dammed deadline up his ass!

I love you my darling Ekaterina. Please give this message  directly to that poor excuse of an agent directly. I am not a pushover. I know  our proper roles in this transaction.

I will see you soon my Love!

I love you,


And on the last day…

My beautiful love,

I’m sorry that you don’t understand my situation. It is not  that I don’t WANT to send you the money this week; it is that I CANNOT send you  the money this week – I don’t have it and can’t get it. I know that you are  unhappy – so am I

 And in the final chapter…

Hello my lovely Cliff!!!!

To me was a little sad to read your last letter. Yes, I understand your fears, that you can deceive. Means you have no full trust to me.

It is insulting for me because I trust you. Though we  did not meet in the person never. But I have no opportunity to find such money.

 All my friends and familiar have no such money. I went to bank and tried to  take the credit, but to me have given up in the credit because my wages are  small very much and according to the manager of bank I have no guarantees to
pay then my credit. It has upset me very much. Now all your and my dreams will  be destroyed only because I have no money.

Think, if I had money I would not ask you about the  help. Yes, now it is difficult to receive the visa in the USA. But having cash  it is possible to receive the visa without special problems and to buy tickets.

 You really worry about our joint future. But now we have only 2 variants. The  first – we when we can not meet and it is bad, because my heart again will be
broken!!! I did not tell to you when, but I loved once one man strongly very
much, but he deceived me and met other women. he liked to drink vodka. And in a  result he has thrown me! My heart has been broken. I could not reconcile to it  during 1 year, it was hurt me on soul and bad. But now I have understood, that  I was possible has again found my love, but money solve all! I hate money
because now everyone solve only money. And if the person has money he can make  everything and if the person has no money he cannot make that. But for me money  not the main thing. But without money I cannot arrive to you and except for you  to me not to whom to help with money. I promise you when I shall come to you I  be employed and I shall gradually give you money.

But all right. If not will trust me, all right. I  leave the option to you! I want that you listened only to the heart!!! Variant  of the second. If you decide to send money I shall come to you! And it is  possible we shall be happy up to the end of our lives. I shall not speak more  about money. I want that you have decided that you to do. But please make a correct choice. But if you decide to  not send money I shall understand you it is your choice and a choice of each  any person is solved correct.

For ever yours and only your loving and gentle

My heart aches to tell you this. My heart too, with the  large hole left in from the death of my wife hoped that you would fill that  space. Unfortunately, unless we wait until I can earn the money or you get a  new agent, we cannot be. For that I am very, very, sorry.

It is what it is my Love,



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