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Proof: The iPad Is Affecting Consumer PC Sales

In my recent post, The iPad is becoming The Only ‘PC’ That Matters, I postulated that the computers that we have used since 1978 are becoming less and less relevant, due to the introduction of smaller form-factor computers that we have today.  These new devices, Smartphone’s, tablets and the like, are really cutting into traditional computer sales and use.

In a recent article in Business Insider, Proof The iPad Is Affecting Consumer PC Sales , my prediction appears to be validated.

Please take a look to follow the conversation!

When will you add a tablet to your digital inventory?  I know that I can effectively write stories and chapters on my iPhone 3GS.  I have read entire books on my phone.  They are viable and a starting to become pervasive.

Yes, I still own a laptop and a home PC.   They still have their place but they don’t integrate well into my current lifestyle.  ‘Choices’ aren’t they wonderful!

The iPad Tsunami: Does it Matter? and how is it Used?

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory.

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The iPad is becoming The Only “PC” That Matters

As I have stated on this blog and to my friends, Business Insider has become one of my favorite resources.  I am a struggling author who needs to spend my money very carefully.  To do so I lean on technology and business authorities such as CNET, BI, Consumer Reports, and sources of their ilk.

As a writer, I am dearly in love with tablet computers.  I bought my iPhone 3GS on sale when the iPhone 4 was introduces.  As a ‘tool’ it is probably the most important device that I use for all manner of things useful.  Using its 287 Apps, I have been exceptionally empowered – and I LOVE it!  So, (I) imagine how much better I could operate with an iPad.  How significant is the iPad and how are people using them?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Recently Business Insider published two very interesting charts, which I am referring to today.  The first that I’ll talk about is “The iPad Is Becoming The Only “PC” That Matters”.  I refer to the links provided for the discussion content and background of these charts.

The first element that I notice in this chart spanning the time from November, 2010 and May, 2011, is that the iPad is used a higher percentage of the time than all the other devices.  We can conclude that it is the device of choice, and is only NOT used because of a lack of functionality that the other devices additionally provide, e.g. phone calls, printer services and enhanced computing with applications.

From my personal experience, I have written chapters of my books on my iPhone.  It was not easy given the ration of my finger size to the keyboard, but it was certainly more convenient as I could work when I felt like, regardless of my surroundings.

Further, not being content to jot down a few keywords of an idea, that occurs sporadically, with the iPhone I can jot down a quick paragraph that ensures that I don’t lose elements of content that I might with ‘keywords only’.

OK, we have learned that the iPad is increasing its lead over the other devices, particularly laptops, and is the most popular platform.  How do people actually use the iPad today?

 How People Actually Use iPads

What can we learn from this chart?  First and foremost, we seen that the iPad is primarily a consumer of information, with over 59% of its ‘time’ used for Web Browsing and watching videos, plus game playing.  This is contrasted by the uses of Email and Other Applications (40.7%) – creators of information.  It is the former, consuming information, which clearly drives its use because it is so much more convenient, given its form-factor.

So, since November, 2010 when the iPad was introduced, it has become the dominant and preferred form factor, and I can now certainly understand my growing longing.  The iPhone 3GS became affordable because I bought it when the iPhone 4 came out.  Unfortunately, there was no large price decline when the iPad 2 was introduced. 

Until a miracle happens, I’ll just have to continue to save my pennies.  I also urge you to purchase my second book, Views from Sandhausen: Experiences from a Foreign Service Assignment, available from the following points of purchase:

It is a fun, informative, engaging, interesting and useful view of what lies on the other side of ‘The Pond’.

Love each other!


 Author: Jay Yarow:  http://www.businessinsider.com/author/jay-yarow

Use iPads:  http://tiny.cc/nykcw

Only PC:  http://tiny.cc/ts6jq

A Look at Social Media Platforms-Twitter Use

Employees Use Twitter

Today we are getting back to our look at Social Media.  When last we discussed the topic, we began talking about the explosive growth of Twitter.  Today we briefly discuss how Twitter employees themselves, use the application – and how they differ from the way that the general public uses the application.

As discussed in the post by Dan Frommer in Business Insider, “Among Twitter employees, Twitter for iPhone generated 22% of the tweets, about twice as much as the general public. Employees used Twitter for Mac to send 18% of their tweets, versus 0.4% for the general public. (Probably especially during the week, when Twitter employees are sitting around the office, tweeting at each other.) And while the general public uses TweetDeck to send 13% of its tweets, Twitter employees used it for just 2% of their tweets.

The overall client usage chart is shown, from the same source.

For me, Twitter really came to the forefront as a reliable and essential communications tool, with the reporting of the death of Osama Bin Laden.  If you take a look at the timeline of Twitter posts at that time, you will see that the legacy news organizations quickly leveraged Twitter as their channel of choice.

It took 9 years, 7 months and 20 days to avenge the tragedy of 9/11.  It took microseconds to report the fact to the world!

I think that Social Media may be one of the most significant inventions of the early 21st Century.  What do you think?  I look forward to your comments on the subject.


Be sure to read more: http://tiny.cc/le45t

What’s behind ATT Purchase of T-Mobile

Bandwidth-hungry customers line up outside an AT&T store

Today’s post is short but very interesting, particularly to those of us who own and use iPhones and iPads.  Yesterday, in an excellent article titled “AT&T Admits It Can’t Handle The iPhone” by Matt Rosoff, in one of my favorite publications, Business Insider, he uncovered the real reason behind the T-Mobile acquisition.

In a new filing explaining why it wants to buy T-Mobile, AT&T essentially admits that its network wasn’t ready for the iPhone, and won’t be able to handle new Smartphone’s and tablets as they come on board.

The filing says:

A Smartphone generates 24 times the mobile data traffic of a conventional wireless phone, and the explosively popular iPad and similar tablet devices can generate traffic comparable to or even greater than a Smartphone. AT&T’s mobile data volumes surged by a staggering 8,000% from 2007 to 2010, and as a result, AT&T faces network capacity constraints more severe than those of any other wireless provider.

Please read the full post HERE.

Today’s Business Dilemma: Twitter versus Facebook


 I am CONVINCED that Social Media is a cornerstone to my publishing company and book sales efforts.  I have a rather guilty secret to let you in on.  You have to promise not to tell anyone, least of all Mark Zuckerberg!  It was after becoming active on: Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Publitariat, Xing, Plaxo, LinkedIn, and a host of other ‘social’ sites, I’m exhausted.  If you add to that the time I spend on eMail and various publishing newsgroups (you promise now??), I’m going to have to fire a few.

It’s either that or continue to spend (still promise??) SIXTEEN HOURS a DAY at the keyboard.  It used to be a relief to go out; leave the computer behind.  Then I bought an iPhone (and soon hope to buy an iPad).  Well, there are not too many ‘social things that I can do on my computer that I can’t do on my iPhone.  When I found that I was writing blog posts on my one night out to Cody’s Roadhouse (my Cheers), it hit me that this couldn’t go on.  Yes, I use (social site) aggregating applications like: Hoot Suite, MarketMeSuite, Boxcar, Twit Bird, and TweetDeck – NOT helpful enough.

The salient paragraph for me was: Twitter may have a significantly smaller user-base than Facebook, but it requires less time for actionable exposure, offers more return on investment, and reaches a more specific audience and consumer base. The amount of distraction on Twitter is also far less than the amount of distraction on Facebook, where businesses can end up lost at sea.”

I will continue to keep my LinkedIn account for showcasing my (Information Technology) profile, although I also have a professional website at CFeightner.com that does that.   The question is, “How active am I going to be on Facebook and Twitter.  That is where the time-savings potential is.  Rather than flip a coin or doing something else that is stupid, I sought out advice.

I found a solid piece of advice on the BusinessInsider.com website (extracted from Entrepreneur), written by Eunju Lie . He is a very bright, thoughtful expert on so many things.  His attraction to me is his deep understandings about business and the marketing of that business.  His source was Social Twist – solid stuff.  I would encourage you to read his article, Twitter versus Facebook.

What is the net of all this for me personally?  I’ll stop working on my ‘business’ page promoting Views from Sandhausen, and focus on Twitter!


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Public Isolation Project

There is a very interesting experiment going on in Portland, OR.  It is called The Public Isolation Project.  From the http://www.publicisolationproject.com/  website: “The Public Isolation Project consists of two symbiotic and simultaneous art pieces–Joshua Jay Elliott’s An Examinable Life and Cristin Norine’s The Future of Socializing.  An analog analogy of the contemporary experience of living in the Internet age, Cristin Norine is spending one month living within the confines of the bSIDE6 Gallery—in total view from the gallery’s windows.  Her isolation is alleviated solely by digital interactions with the outside world.  Viewers of the piece will reflect on their own expanded accessibility that technology has brought them.”

To understand some of the motivations behind the effort, this excerpt from Cristin’s blog gives some of the back story. 

“I haven’t spoken much about how this project came about so I thought I would explain a little.  I was driving home from a grad school recruiting event while talking to Josh. I was explaining what concepts I wanted to focus my portfolio on and he was telling me how he was bummed that his current project fell through.  Originally, Josh was going to have a person living in the space that would try and create the smallest carbon footprint possible, but the guy backed out.  It was on that phone call that I said, “Put me in the box.”  During the call we both realized that our concepts worked well together and it could be a great project.”

I find all of this fascinating; I urge you to follow the experiment that will go on for the next 20 days.  Cristin’s blog posts from days 1 through 11 will quickly bring you up to date.   The reason for my fascination is that I see a parallel between my situation; that of losing my wife Lynn 202 days ago, and Cristin’s situation.  I too am essentially isolated because I no longer have my best friend, with whom I spend 24 hours a day with, for 47 years (less time I spent at work).  We finished each other’s sentences for one another, had the same thoughts at the same time, and our walking through life was in complete synchronicity.  We could, and did, communicate with our eyes – and nothing else.   Lastly, we were probably the most tactile couple that you know; we shared dozens of kisses per day, we hugged constantly, and when we walked anywhere, Lynn’s hand was in mine.  Emblematic of our closeness was the ink drawing called “The Promise”, (by Robert Sexton) which I bought many years ago, and now hangs in my room (and always will).  Our joke was that no matter which of us passed away, we would revisit the one who lived – and move the picture on the living wall.  I’m waiting for Lynn’s spirit to move the picture, and I’m still hopeful.

Living with my son Erik is wonderful; I am comfortable, safe, have all of my needs met, and am blessed with the complete love and admiration that only a Son can provide. Erik has his own life to live, has a wonderful friend of his own to spend time with, and works outrageous hours.  He is doing exactly what he should be doing!

Lynn and I chose to leave our home in Cuyahoga Falls to seek adventure and new experiences.  We left 35 years of friends behind and feel guilty to this day about any pain that we caused by leaving.  After my assignment was completed, we chose to leave Germany where many more friends reside.  Circumstances conspired to move us out of Rotonda West, again, where many other friends live.  Here in Homosassa, other than Erik and his friend, I have no friends.  My remote friends have their own lives to live, and good old Cliff is not top of mind for them.  I have always been blessed with close friends and I am lost without them!

I am in a similar type of isolation; my window to the world is electronic, ranging from television to my iPhone.  I watch the golfers on the first green of the Southern Wood Golf Club, enjoy themselves.  They are but 60 yards from me but might as well be on TV, for all they do for me.  I am not made of money and must live within my means, made more difficult by the Views from Sandhausen project.  I reached out and have been hired by suite101, as a freelance writer.  I’m finding that, as much as I hate it, it doesn’t look I will ever be able to find an appropriate job again.  My means are limited which restricts my ability to get out and do things.  This is very different from our previous lives – where we were affluent and could do what we wanted, when we wanted.

Cristin can look out her window in Portland; can minimally interact with those on the street.  She, like I, miss the warm hugs, the occasional kisses, and the ability to touch another human.  So, I will continue to follow her project and learn any of the lessons that she learns.  Cristin has the promise of her isolation ending in three weeks. I, on the other hand, can only hope and pray that I will find another with whom I can share that most important, but underappreciated quality – Touch.


What a World We Live In!

During this author/Publisher/Marketer journey I am on, I spend a lot of time on Twitter.  What a great tool, particularly as delivered on my iPhone 3GS.  The iPhone phenomenon has been covered ad infinitum by others; all I know is what it does for me!  As I work on my Dell Desktop, I have CNN on the TV in my Study.  That provides me a backdrop, to gather news and to keep this lonely soul engaged.  By my side is my iPhone.  It presents me with tweets and text messages as they come in.  Per CNN just now, Apple sells 80,000 iPhones per day!  Imagine that!  From Twitter I received a link that enables me to watch   a massive dust storm over the Gobi desert (in Africa) from my modest dwelling in Florida.  Is this an exciting world, or what!

Speaking of excitement, my Views from Sandhausen book designer, Walt Shiel, Managing Partner of Five Rainbows, sent me a PDF of three interior book layout and style options!  Wow!  I had a few design ideas that I had passed along to Walt, but he took them and really produced some very compelling ideas.  Do you have any idea how many parts make up a page of a book?  Further, any idea, beyond the page itself, the other components that make up what you see when you pick a book up?  Unless you are a typesetter or book designer, you don’t.  All of these elements work together in a well done book, or fight against each other in very subtle ways.  You don’t even think about it.

Have you ever picked up a book, onlt to tire of it?  The story is compelling enough, the text is large enough, but there is that subtle something that causes you to stop picking it up and working your way through it.  That subtle something is the design of the book itself.  What you may have is headers that don’t work with footers, text style that slows you down, even though it is large enough, and confusion on how to find a particular part of the book.  All of these subtle nuances conspire against you in a way that causes you to put it down and move on.  A book unfinished will cause you to tell your friends about it and that is a Killer to book sales.  Of course, done well and with a compelling story, you won’t be able to put it down, and you will tell your friends about it! A well-designed book is a treasure and a joy to read, and probably keep.  That’s the product of a good book designer.

Long story short, I chose an amalgam of elements from the three options that Walt sent to me.  I know that some options can fight against others, within a style.  That is something we have to resolve, but now we have a good basis for our conversation.  Another step towards our goal on this 200th day since my wonderful Lynn left all of us.

Love each other


Saturday Night

I’m sitting in my favorite watering hole writing this on my iPhone.  That can only mean that it is Saturday evening and I’m alone again.  I pulled my phone out to start writing because I’m surrounded by happy (and not so happy) couples, couples that a year ago I wouldn’t have seen.  That would be because I was with my Lynn.  When I was with Lynn the world receded into the background; just so much noise.

To look at them, they have no idea what potential tragedies could befall them, as it did for Lynn and I.  At one table there two younger people; their voices energized and their gestures animated, jerky even.  They have so much to talk about and very little time to do so. 

Saturday evening is a time for connections, to share joy, to revel in their oneness.  At the next booth is a middle-age couple, sitting silent and stone-faced; nothing to say to each other and sometimes not even noticing the other is there.  What a shame; could it be that everything in their world has been said?  Perhaps it is just not worth the effort to form words; exchange views, or plan their tomorrow.  Will their tomorrow be the same dismal scream as their today was?  Are they thinking of others, or are they just in a walking coma?  Perhaps they are each thinking about what might have been both too lazy to go after their dreams.

Peanut break.

The next couple, this time at the bar, are “Cody’s” friends of mine.  I only see them here but they are Saturday regulars.  They sit nursing their drinks, even though it is ‘Happy Hour’, and devour peanuts. They will have dinner later while they continue to stare at the football game on the wall.  Again, saying very little to one another that is not related to the game, their evening (and life) pass before their eyes.

What I don’t see is a couple that looks like they are very much in love, and interact with one another.  I see no hand-holding; I see no deep staring into one another’s eyes.  I see no twinkling eyes devouring one another, breathing slightly faster as their souls merge.

The reason for these somewhat melancholy thoughts is that none of them know how good they have it! They could be holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes, and TALK.  Share ideas and entertaining conversation, seduce one another with words – enjoy their time together.  That is something I no longer can do; the Love of my Life is gone!  Nothing can change that and I Morn her loss!

I have been trying to meet a few new folks with mixed results.  Those that I’m attracted to as something more than friends, are busy with their own lives – no room for anyone else. Busy – too busy for me. Those that I’m attracted to as friends only, are only lightly attracted to me.  I have to be patient; not my strong suit.

What I am offering is this: I will commit to, with a ‘special’ friend (and by mutual agreement), that I will NEVER compare that special friend to Lynn.  There will never be another Lynn; that’s cast in stone. 

What is also cast in stone that when I commit to another, it is a TOTAL commitment.  They will be my best friend in the world.  They will always be Number One.  That is because I am, and have always been number two. My definition of Love is that you love your partner more than you love yourself, or anything or anyone else. 

I don’t think that it is too much to ask, is it?

Ok, enough of that.  I’m receiving great feedback on the Views from Sandhausen cover!  I’ve essentially asked folks for what they don’t like, or would like to change.  While approval, support and positive feedback is wonderful, it doesn’t necessarily help Five Rainbows and I improve the product.  I have solid feedback on both the front and back, and I’ll offer that to Walt for his consideration.  I’m not ready to undo all of his work, but I want the best product possible.  It will be a good conversation.  Please offer feedback to me until about Noon tomorrow.

Until then, Happy Halloween to all and Happy Birthday Erik!  You are a joy!


Back in the Saddle

Lynn in our pool

Monday marked the six month anniversary of my wife Lynn’s passing and it hurt!  It also put me in a non-creative, very sad state of mind.  I knew that staying in the house studying and reading was not helping me, so I ventured outside my home, and went to a mall.  Now, in this sleepy part of Florida (other than South Beach is there a non-sleepy part?) finding entertainment and shopping opportunities involve travel.  I’m relatively new to this area, and am usually alone, so I don’t really know my way around.  Garmin navigation system to the rescue! 

Between my Garmin 670, my iPhone, and MapQuest I can usually make my way out of a dark room.  I punched Shopping and Mall into the machine and out came two possibilities, one 14 miles north; the other 21 miles south.  Being a person that is respectful of our environment, I opted to go north.  Well, Crystal River Mall, I learned later is called a (s)mall, by the locals.  It has three anchor stores, and a loose assembly of smaller stores, organized as a triangle – all enclosed under a tent, for God’s sake!  One wonders who came up with the tent concept for a location that is absolutely flat, and 4 miles from the Gulf of Mexico!

There is a point to all of this, I promise.  When one of your anchor stores is a Kmart, you are a long way from civilization!  Wandering around the (s)mall I had to purchase a birthday gift and I was immersed in one of my favorite pastimes – people watching.  Penney’s was the best of the alternatives and in I go.  I headed to the Men’s Department and found a decent, but small assortment of goods.  It pays to shop in October.  The Christmas goodies are in the stores and the complete selection of sizes and colors are there. 

Gift purchased, I wandered around and ran into the Christmas Shop.  It was like walking into a brick wall.  Christmas was Lynn’s favorite time of year and we made a point to hit (all) the Christmas displays in the various stores, every year.  She was like a little child during the season – for about three months.  Life with Lynn was always wonderful; at Christmas it was extraordinary!  Without her, I don’t know what I’m going to do?  All I know is that it crushed me for two days.

My design house, Five Rainbows, is located in the very northern part of Michigan.  It is extremely rural (I vacationed in that area as a child) and quite flat.  Google Earth tells me that their business is about a mile from Lake Superior“The Bomb” which is what the media is calling this recent storm, absolutely knocked them back into the 19th century – for a day and a half.  I sure hope they have great (computer) back-up strategies as all of the work that they are doing for me is digitally-based.

With the arrival of payday, I was able to make some additional investments in Views from Sandhausen.  I purchased the ISBN’s for the book and put the money away for the next payment to Five Rainbows.  That will be needed as soon as the cover design is finalized.  “ISBN” stands for “International Standard Book Number”.  For me, they are sold in blocks of ten.  I’ll need at least four for the various formats that will be offered (hard cover, soft cover, Kindle and ePub).  It is also a racket, in my opinion.

You will never believe, as I did not despite books being such a large part of my life, all my life, what this effort involves!   It has certainly altered my perspective and forever more, I will look at a rack of books differently.  An awful lot of people work very hard to deliver the Best Sellers to the rack in your store.  And with 1,000,000 titles published worldwide, per year, it is not an insignificant industry.

Happy reading, Cliff