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www.ViewsfromSandhausen.com: New Site Going Live

Our main website, http://ViewsfromSandhausen.com will go live this Thursday, June 9, 2011.

The blog currently found at http://FlaAuthor.wordpress.com will be transferred as of that date.   There will be a link pointing to the new site, for some period of time.

Please add the http://ViewsfromSandhausen.com to your address book and watch for our first post on that site will appear this Friday.

Meanwhile, our book is available for purchase at Amazon USA and Amazon
, plus Barnes & Noble, and if I may say so, is doing well.  I’ll
see you in the book and on the new site.


We are finally Published on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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While it will be a day or two before you can actually go to Amazon.com and BN.com to purchase Views from Sandhausen (they have work to do after I finished), we are officially published!  The Hardcover and softcover versions will be another month to 45 days, VFS will be available tomorrow. 

eReaders that support ePub formats include the readers’ shown Here.

eReaders that support the Kindle format are limited to Amazon Kindle.  Having said that, how many more eReaders are required?

While I respect your enthusiasm, hold off on purchasing for the paper versions.  They are much more satisfying (in my opinion). The eBook’s advantages are that the interior photos are in color, and the hotlinks to places mentioned in the book are ‘hot’.  That means that you can click on the link, while holding down the Ctrl key, and be magically swept off to the location in question.  I am considering offering a bundle that includes your choice of eReader file along with a hardcover copy.  That was you have the tactile sensations of a paper book, along with the portability and added functionality of an eBook.

News from the Back Room indicates that another wonderful review has been received from Washington DC.  It is as follows:



 Views from Sandhausen: Experiences from Foreign Service Assignment

Author: Clifford L. Feightner

Provocative and playful, Views from Sandhausen: Experiences from Foreign Service Assignment takes you on the Autobahn and highways of Europe, to a small village south of Heidelberg—Sandhausen. An American corporate ambassador and his wife share their first-hand experiences of the history, traditions, art, culture, cuisine, conveniences and inconveniences of living abroad. From this base location they venture through Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and later the Cayman Islands—sharing their enterprising excursions, tips, photos and humorous stories. From the well known Louvre Museum and Neuschwanstein Castle to the local, lesser known KERVE celebration and “Blumen Flumen,” it is the personalities and perspectives of the expatriate couple that makes it a book well worth reading.

-Cher Skoubo

Owner, Skoubo Graphics

Washington, DC


On another note, we now have 858 Twitter followers. This is in addition to our 251 LinkedIn Connections, and 168 Facebook Friends, our little Tribe is really beginning to take off!  They are located worldwide and I trust that they will act as our ambassadors. 


Design Work Continues

I’ve been struggling with my proclivity to product kidney stones at an alarming rate.  For the last three days I’ve had pretty intense kidney back pain; pain that doesn’t’ allow me to even take a deep breath, much less sit for an extended time in my chair.  I’ve dropped eight stones (physical stones – not weight) in the last 25 days; I’m getting tired of it, considering that I’m doing everything that my Urologist wants me to do…  Rats

I’m also seeing an amazing growth in the number of page views and total visits to our blog https://flaauthor.wordpress.com/ (this site).  Over the last three months our readers have grown at a nearly 80% growth rate – month over month.  In addition, last evening we broke through 100 Twitter followers (@CliffordF2).  That means that is incumbent upon me to keep these posts fresh and interesting.  You will have noticed that I am straying occasionally from the ‘progress monitoring on Views from Sandhausen’, to other timely topics that I find of interest.  This is a good thing as I’ve just have been accepted as a Freelance Writer by suite101.com.   Life has taken on a new dimension for me.  I might even start making a little money.

As Five Rainbows was very near finalizing the paperback book version cover, I needed to get busy and finalize FlaAuthor Publishing, LLC’s corporate logo.  I have been working on this for some time. 

Here is the final Logo.

And, here is the finalized Paperback cover:

Views from Sandhausen paperback cover.

This is starting to get exciting.  Five Rainbows is now working on the hardcover cover and book jacket.  I wrote a succinct book marketing piece for View from Sandhausen and Walt used it, in part, for the back of the paperback.  It is certainly the correct usage as that is the objective of the text on the back of a paperback.   I need to see how that affects the content of the text that will be used for the hardcover book jacket content.  So, once again, it is back to the keyboard. 

An interesting aside, I have always used Dell Computers (at least the last five machines) out a total of perhaps ten or eleven PC’s total.  I use my computer A LOT.  This computer I bought in June of 2009.  I have worn out this keyboard!  It is worn out and it is sixteen months old!  Amazing.  That tells me about how much writing I have done in those sixteen months.  Hopefully it has been worth reading; I sure had a great timing writing!