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The iPad Tsunami: Does it Matter? and how is it Used?

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory.

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The iPad is becoming The Only “PC” That Matters

As I have stated on this blog and to my friends, Business Insider has become one of my favorite resources.  I am a struggling author who needs to spend my money very carefully.  To do so I lean on technology and business authorities such as CNET, BI, Consumer Reports, and sources of their ilk.

As a writer, I am dearly in love with tablet computers.  I bought my iPhone 3GS on sale when the iPhone 4 was introduces.  As a ‘tool’ it is probably the most important device that I use for all manner of things useful.  Using its 287 Apps, I have been exceptionally empowered – and I LOVE it!  So, (I) imagine how much better I could operate with an iPad.  How significant is the iPad and how are people using them?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Recently Business Insider published two very interesting charts, which I am referring to today.  The first that I’ll talk about is “The iPad Is Becoming The Only “PC” That Matters”.  I refer to the links provided for the discussion content and background of these charts.

The first element that I notice in this chart spanning the time from November, 2010 and May, 2011, is that the iPad is used a higher percentage of the time than all the other devices.  We can conclude that it is the device of choice, and is only NOT used because of a lack of functionality that the other devices additionally provide, e.g. phone calls, printer services and enhanced computing with applications.

From my personal experience, I have written chapters of my books on my iPhone.  It was not easy given the ration of my finger size to the keyboard, but it was certainly more convenient as I could work when I felt like, regardless of my surroundings.

Further, not being content to jot down a few keywords of an idea, that occurs sporadically, with the iPhone I can jot down a quick paragraph that ensures that I don’t lose elements of content that I might with ‘keywords only’.

OK, we have learned that the iPad is increasing its lead over the other devices, particularly laptops, and is the most popular platform.  How do people actually use the iPad today?

 How People Actually Use iPads

What can we learn from this chart?  First and foremost, we seen that the iPad is primarily a consumer of information, with over 59% of its ‘time’ used for Web Browsing and watching videos, plus game playing.  This is contrasted by the uses of Email and Other Applications (40.7%) – creators of information.  It is the former, consuming information, which clearly drives its use because it is so much more convenient, given its form-factor.

So, since November, 2010 when the iPad was introduced, it has become the dominant and preferred form factor, and I can now certainly understand my growing longing.  The iPhone 3GS became affordable because I bought it when the iPhone 4 came out.  Unfortunately, there was no large price decline when the iPad 2 was introduced. 

Until a miracle happens, I’ll just have to continue to save my pennies.  I also urge you to purchase my second book, Views from Sandhausen: Experiences from a Foreign Service Assignment, available from the following points of purchase:

It is a fun, informative, engaging, interesting and useful view of what lies on the other side of ‘The Pond’.

Love each other!


 Author: Jay Yarow:

Use iPads:

Only PC:

One Third of the Way Through PostaWeek2011

PostaWeek2011 Badge

The beginning of this year I joined a movement called PostaWeek2011.  PostaWeek has been good for me as it has driven me to post more, elevate the quality of my work, and make me a better writer. Others are finding this is also true, as you will see by following this link.

So, what does it all mean?  For me it means that I live a richer life because I am now paying more attention the details and nuances, of life.  I am always looking at things and saying to myself, “Is that of enough interest to share with others?  Is it significant enough to interest me?”  You have to pay closer attention to the life around you, and that more fully engages you, the person, in life itself!

Well, what has interested others?  Below you will find the top-ranking page views from my blog.  Pages views are counted by WordPress, and ranked in order of most clicks, or views, on top.  You would expect that the Main Page would rank highest as it receives a click from everyone.  About the Author is usually second; readers want to know something about the writers, to understand where the writer is coming from.

Then the most read posts follow.  You can click on the post and go directly to the post that attracted the attention.  I found this interesting.  I hope you will too!  I look forward the next third of the year and you should as well!


PS. A side learning has been that sex sells! blog results for the end of 2010 and the first Third of 2011.

Title   Views
Home page   2,817
About the Authors   135
An Inside Look at the Japanese Horror   127
What make a great Logo?   109
My Name is Helina; Can I be Your Girlfriend? Part One   95
Public Isolation Project   90
The Return of ‘Olga’   77
My Name is Olga: Can I Be Your Girlfriend? Part 1   66
My Name is Helina: “Can I be your Girlfriend?” Part Two   58
We are finally Published on Amazon and Barnes and Noble   58
Phenom: Amanda Hocking   57
Digital Book World: Book-Buying Behavior in 2010 – Extract   55
Spring Cleaning and the Tablet Explosion   53
Chiggers, sand fleas and Scorpions – a Recon Marine’s Story from Afghanistan   53
My Name is Olga: Can I be your Girlfriend? Part 2   49
Information Delivery: Times Marches On   46
Arlington National Cemetery – Changing of the Guard   46
My Name is Helina: Can I be your Girlfriend? Part Four   45

Hello, My Name is Kate; Can I be your Girlfriend? Part 2

Today is the second part of our view of a charming scammer called Ekaterina.

Ekaterina (Kate)

  To keep things straight, I will refer to her as Kate.  This is a part of our investigative reports that will expose the tiniest part of a horrible scam that is perpetrated daily on men and women, in this and other countries.  This will be a series of blog posts, which could very well form the backbone of my fourth book.  Please read the copy write notice at the end of this post.

Please remember, I am leaving any misspellings and grammar errors in, to provide an accurate picture of what your might see in your email.

For context, here is a link to Part One of Kate

We start off..

Hello Cliff, how are you there?

Everything is well here. I am so happy that you replied me.

Honey i have some questions for you.

Do you have any hobbies? Do you go in for sport?

I love swimming and fitness. When I was a little girl, my mom and I swam in the lake.

It happened so that I could be drowned. Or maybe I’m very scared because I was a child.

But that moment I decided that I would learn to swim well and never be drown))

So now I really love swimming. It’s good for your health and helps to have a good figure.

Ok, also I wanted to tell you about my city.

It is a small Russian city. The population is here about 50 000 people.

People here are very kind and good. Everybody knows each other. There are not a lot of entertainment places here.

There are several plants and factories where people work.

Any way my address here is K.Marksa street 28a-22, Tambov, Tambovskaya Oblast.

I would be very happy to read about your city. My city is not very interesting and we do not have a lot of sights here.

Ok, now I should finish my letter because I have to work.

I am looking for your soonest reply,

Have a good day!

Your friend from Russia,



And Another:

Hello my dear friend !!!

How is your mood? What’s new there?

Everything is well here and I have a great mood.

Some businessmen who have taxi business came to our car salon today and we received the order for 38 cars. This is the largest order while I work here and I will receive a good bonus.

I can’t wait when I will get my holiday, and tomorrow I urgently will talk with my boss and I will ask to give me a rest immediately. Or soon I will be crazy from my job)) So please wish to me good luck.

By the way, what kind of movies do you like? Who are your favorite actors? Do you like reading books, what kind of books?

I liked the movie Inception with Leonardo Dicaprio. He is the one of my favorite actors.

Also I like comedies. One of last most remembered comedy was The Hangover.

Some friends came to Vegas to celebrate wedding the one of their friend and casually forgot him at roof of hotel. I had a lot of fun when watched that film. Did you watch these movies? What do you think of that?

As for books I like fantasy, classics and history. But mostly I like to read Russian fantasy.

My favorite author is Sergey Tarmashev.

All his books are about future of the earth and it has a few ends. I’m not sure if there is a translation of that into English.

Well what else to write to you… I do not know but after our acquaintance you have became very interesting to me and when I check my emails I always hope to see your new letter. It raises my mood very much.

And when I check emails and I see no any letter from you I am very sad.

Ok, I hope to see your letter soon. Bye!

Your reliable friend from Russia Ekaterina.


The next day

Hello my dearest friend!

How are you? How is your mood?

Everything is great here and I want to share some good news with you.

As I wrote you before today I have talked with my boss about the vacation and I have got that!!!

At the beginning of our conversation she wanted that I would work for some days more but after 30 minutes of belief that I have explained her I can not work anymore and I would be an angry worker, she agreed.

Honey I am so happy now. I didn’t take the vacation for a long time.

If I want I can take even double vacation. But I will think of that later.

I have got the bonus and my salary. It is about 37 000 Rub or $1300.

Maybe for your country it is not so big money but believe me for Russia it is a very good salary.

I have already handed over all documents and necessary papers to my colleagues and I am now completely free from work.

Today I will buy and watch some brochures to look at which countries I can go. And what documents I should do for that trip.

I have never been abroad and it has been always my little dream.

In the Russian south after the announcement of the Sochi Olympics in 2014, prices rose several times.

And many of my friends who came there, they say that the quality of service there is very low.

That is why I do not want to have a rest in Russia.

Do you like travelling? What countries have you been? Maybe you can advise me something?

Ok my dear friend… I have to go now. I am waiting for your congratulations!!!

Your friend Ekaterina.


And the next

Hello my dearest friend !

How are you today? I have some thoughts and I would love to share that with you.

I have thought for a long time how to spend my vacation.

And I thought it would be great if I come to your country and we will meet.

You could show me the sights and culture of your country. And we could get to know each other even better.

The meeting is better than thousands of letters and words, and I think this is the best option for me to spend a holiday.

And now is the best time when I have the opportunity to visit your country and meet you.

What do you think of that? I think it’s very romantic if two persons who met in a huge web of the Internet separated by thousands and thousands of miles will meet each other in reality. This is a good opportunity to continue our relationship.

I can not even imagine how our meeting will be in the real world.

We can have a candlelight dinner. You will show me the city, there will be thousands of things which we can do together spending a good time …

Okay, I want to hear your opinion about that.

I am looking forward for your soonest reply.

I kiss you!!!
Your friend Ekaterina.

And the next

Hello my dearest Prince!

How are you? I am ok. I have come to Moscow.

The train had some delay, but it’s ok.

My friend has met me at the station and now I will write you from her place. By the way she asked me to tell you hello.

Tomorrow morning I’ll give all necessary documents for visa registration.

I’ll write everything in detail about the process of my visa. But my friend said that it is very easy to get a tourist visa.

That is wonderful.

Honey please write me the actual phone number and time when I can call you.

I will call you closer to time of getting a visa and my flight to you.

Well, my prince, I did not rest after my trip to Moscow and now I want to go into the bath and then sleep.

I’ll think of you and our meeting and pray that we will meet very soon.

Miss and kiss you!

Your Princess Ekaterina.


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Guest Post – Shelley Hitz

Guest Blogging Success Podcast Series: How to be a Good Guest Blogger

Guest post by Shelley Hitz

By way of introduction, I have worked with Shelley for a several months, and it has been a thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience!  I have selected her to be my first guest blogger because her message is clear, compelling and full of value for you, my readers.  I urge you to listen to her advice by clicking on the MP3, download her free, fact-filled book here, and to visit her site!  She has delivered more value (Excellent content/Price) FREE, than anyone in the Author Blogosphere!  Enjoy and learn.


MP3 File

Download and read Shelley’s free PDF report called, “Guest Blogging Success for Authors.”

Shelley Hitz is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. Her website, Self Publishing Coach, provides resources and tutorials that help you publish and market your book. Sign up for her newsletter, Self Publishing Tips to download her book templates, which she offers surprisingly free.

You can also find Shelley on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

If you enjoyed that presentation, and why would you not, I’d like to draw your attention to her recent offering, “A Step-by-Step Guide to Guest Blogging“.

She is also going to promote her upcoming tour, on her website, here.  Check it out!


Who’s the Designer?

The spine of the book is an important aspect i...

Image via Wikipedia

 Today I saw a great post by Joel Friedlander called “When Self-Published Book Design Goes Bad” .  It documents a book design project that looks to be in a “Death Spiral” to mediocrity!  At the worst, it has perhaps given true book designers like Joel, as well as my own designer Walt Shiel, cause to think twice when they accept a commission to design a book, a cover, or a multi-volume project.  In the end, it is the authors and publishers who will suffer when the designer says “Is this turning into THE project from Hell?”

When you give unbounded choice to an author that has slaved over for years, or a month, on how their baby will be clothed, you clearly must establish boundaries on “Can you do this so I can see what it will look like?”  Book design, like any other business, has a few important goals:

  • To satisfy the artistic demands that the manuscript
  • To create a product in which both can take pride
  • To compel the ‘shopper’ to BUY
  • To create a (limited) ‘work of art’ that will further the careers of both
  • To Collect Money (the goal of all business)

Walt did this well by clearly stating the number of revisions allowed as well as the number of person-to-person communications that we would have.  After that, it was a fee per hour.  End of story. Please take a look at Joel’s article: When Self-Published Book Design Goes Bad!

Website design continues as my web designer Mike at Smart Author Sites, cuts up the approved proof into pieces, for my use in building the site.  Our first joint design conference call will be on March 29.

I may not blog tomorrow (who knows”) so I would like to remind you all that my beloved Lynn passed away eleven months ago tomorrow!

Love each other today as if there is NO tomorrow!


To Blog Today or Not to Blog

I’ve taken a few days off this week on the blogging front.  Real life intruded on my idyllic cocoon of my computer, my view of the golfers putting on the first green of the Sugarmill Woods Southern Woods golf course, and the drone of CNN in the background.  The news has been particularly unfortunate this week but it allows me to focus on how blessed I am.  Not blessed in my social life, but blessed in the small measure that I am taking to crawl out from under this cloud.

Do you follow Twitter?  I have a rather eclectic group of 1,100 followers that follow @CliffordF2.  My primary sphere of interests include: Writing and Authors, Publishing, Science, Technology, and all things contemporary.  It also includes a world of mindless fanatics, including those ‘space pilots’ who follow Justin Bieber and Britany Spears.  If I get one more ‘GET MORE FOLLOWERS MY BEST FRIENDS I WILL FOLLOW YOU BACK IF YOU FOLLOW ME.  These are the bloody terrorists of the Twitter world! An example of one of these characters name is BoyBelieberGaGa.  Believe it or not, it is NOT a girl; it is a 17-year-old guy from the UK.  I don’t know how many times that I have told them that my immediate reaction to this kind of tweet is to immediately unfollow them.  Is this a problem for you Twitters out there?  Please leave a comment.

The genesis of this terrorism seems to be an outfit called  They promise you 3,000 new followers in 30 days, for $65.  Right! If it were not against my principles, not to mention illegal, a hack of that site would now be in progress.  Terrorists!!

Last Friday Mike from Smart Author Sites completed the Views from Sandhausen sites ‘look and feel’.  I need only one small tweak to make it perfect.  Where Lynn and my picture is, there will be a scrolling marquee that cycles through (118) significant photographs of our lives there, including photos of some of you, our dear friends.  I’ll be doing a grand announcement when all the pieces are in place.  In the meantime, please leave a comment and tell me what you think of the site’s appearance.  I really need your opinion to confirm my opinions! 🙂

That’s about it for today all.  Have a Wonderful weekend and I’ll be back next week.  Live long and Prosper!


I’ve started a New Book

Blogging, Current State

Most of you know that at the beginning of the year I entered a contest (I’ve forgotten what the prizes are) called PostAWeek2011.  The more ambitious of my peers committed to PostADay2011.  This is really old news; the primary benefit is that it drives you to post, even when you don’t feel like it.  If you are any good, everyone benefits.

There have been days that I really didn’t feel like posting.  It is essentially a creative exercise and creativity cannot be turned on with a switch; hence, my declining the daily post challenge.  Having said that, I’ve posted 32 times so far this year (this is week 10) which I think is rather good.  It’s difficult to know how I am being received as I receive fewer comments from you my readers, than I’d like to see.  A little help here?

Lots of things going on; yesterday I returned Draft #2 of the Views from Sandhausen website design.  It wasn’t all that I had hoped. This was certainly not the fault of their team; it was my failure to more completely lay out my artistic desires, as I did with my technical requirements.  I mocked up my ideas with PowerPoint and sent them off to Mike at Smart Author Sites and expect feedback soon.  Something that hampered our progress was that, inexplicably, the eMails that they were sending to me weren’t arriving. Finally I sent them a note, and Kristin called back.  Now, I have probably seven eMail addresses.  Between them we’ve corrected the issue and are back on track.

I made progress with Lightning Source on a price reduction to the two print books.  On balance, their final size was a bit smaller that I had anticipated.  I made a commensurate price reduction. 

I’m shooting for a first week of April launch and you will hear more about this as time goes on.

Lastly, I’ve started a new short book on the general subject of blogging.  Ideas are still forming, I’ve built a structure, and the possibilities are endless as the subject is so open and increasingly popular.  Blogging is good for business. From that link, “A study of 2,300 HubSpot customers revealed that businesses that blog witness their monthly leads rise by 126% more than those who don’t.”  I urge you to read more of that post.  Ars Technica also discussed the growth in blogging, although the article’s title is somewhat misleading.  From seoSemantics we learn that “Blog is a platform managed by individuals for personal or official interests. The word ‘blog’ has been extracted from WEBLOG meaning website-blog. Blogs have revolutionized the information available on the internet.” I’m all about ‘bringing home the bacon’! Read the full article.

So, the time is right, the subject is new to 90% of the population, blogging is fundamental to a promising author, and I’ve learned many lessons along the way.  Currently, I’m planning to give it away free, to encourage my small ‘tribe’ to grow, subscribe to my blog, and buy the book.  Heady aspirations indeed!

Have a great day!


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