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  1. Dear Sir,
    I’ve got bad experience with Tatyana and I’ve spent a lot of money. She promised me 3 times to come to Switzerland. I’ve believed her and therefore I’ve paid her in 3 circmstances but she never came. She told me last spring that her name was Swetlana and gave me the following presonal data:
    Name: Swetlana, Surname: Molchanouwa, Street: Selskaya str 14, apartment 34, Postal code – 636840, City Asino
    I know a lot of detail of Swetlana and she sended my the same picture. She’ s scammer. Yours faithfully Firstmac

  2. Dear Sir
    I’ve received the same picture from Swetlana. Last year, in Spring, she told me that her name was Swetlana. Maybe her name is neither Tatyana nor Swetlana. From my experience I’am sure that Swetlana (or Tatyana) is a scammer. I’ve spent a lot money for her. She had promise to me to come to Switzerland. She said to love me and to want to stay with me vor ever in my country. I believed her 2 times. As she failed the third time, I gave it up. I wasn’t ready to help her anymore, because I’ve spent already spent too much money. I hope that my informations could help you to built your idea about Swtlana or Tatyana. Yours faithfully Marco Probst (Firstmac)

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