You are NOT safe in the New Internet World

So, you have used a computer for a couple of years now
and you make sure that you have a solid firewall and the latest
anti-virus/anti-malware tools installed and active. You clean/defragment/compress  your disks regularly, and you back up your system automatically, to be sure  that you are not at risk.  Enough said,  right!

Pocket Wi-Fi Detector

WRONG.  For your information, Hackers never sleep.  Let me tell you what those midnight-oil burning Hackers have been up to, and refer you to a rather dry but worthwhile discussion that is definitely worth your time.

This is particularly true insofar as the threat, and damage, has not  generally arrived yet.  If you are forewarned, you just might recognize aberrant behavior in your digital ‘devices (including your car), and be able to correct the situation before it causes you damage, injury or a TON of money!

Did you know that:

  1. Text-message malware – While Smartphone viruses are still fairly rare, text-messaging attacks are becoming more common.
  2. Hacking into smart grids – Smart grids might be vulnerable to attacks that would allow hackers to cut off electricity to homes and businesses and create other kinds of havoc.”  It would also allow
    them to actually change your electric meter – raising or lowering the amount of electricity used that is reported to the Electric Company – and YOUR BILL.
  3. Social network account spoofing.  IS that new friend of a friend on your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo or other
    Social Networking site ‘really’ safe?
  4. Cyberstalking – This has been widely reported on the TV Networks.  Anything that causes a young person to take their own life MUST be eliminated!
  5. Hackers controlling your car – The age of the connected car is dawning. Vehicles like the Ford Edge now provide 3G network access, a Wi-Fi router in the car, and the ability to tap into your home Wi-Fi network (only while parked).”
  6.  “GPS jamming and spoofing: Threat or nuisance?
    It is easy to jam GPS receivers with a low-cost jamming device like one sold by Brando.  GPS spoofing could be used for serious crimes — transmitting information to a delivery truck that routes it into a dark alley where criminals are waiting, changing the timestamps on financial transactions, delaying emergency vehicles from finding
    their routes. There have been no reported cases of GPS spoofing to commit a criminal act, but Johnston warns that government and business should work to deter the attacks.”

To read the entire article, published on Network World, please click HERE


2 responses to “You are NOT safe in the New Internet World

  1. Always be on guard right?

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