The iPad Tsunami: Does it Matter? and how is it Used?

Behold the iPad in All Its Glory.

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The iPad is becoming The Only “PC” That Matters

As I have stated on this blog and to my friends, Business Insider has become one of my favorite resources.  I am a struggling author who needs to spend my money very carefully.  To do so I lean on technology and business authorities such as CNET, BI, Consumer Reports, and sources of their ilk.

As a writer, I am dearly in love with tablet computers.  I bought my iPhone 3GS on sale when the iPhone 4 was introduces.  As a ‘tool’ it is probably the most important device that I use for all manner of things useful.  Using its 287 Apps, I have been exceptionally empowered – and I LOVE it!  So, (I) imagine how much better I could operate with an iPad.  How significant is the iPad and how are people using them?  Inquiring minds want to know!

Recently Business Insider published two very interesting charts, which I am referring to today.  The first that I’ll talk about is “The iPad Is Becoming The Only “PC” That Matters”.  I refer to the links provided for the discussion content and background of these charts.

The first element that I notice in this chart spanning the time from November, 2010 and May, 2011, is that the iPad is used a higher percentage of the time than all the other devices.  We can conclude that it is the device of choice, and is only NOT used because of a lack of functionality that the other devices additionally provide, e.g. phone calls, printer services and enhanced computing with applications.

From my personal experience, I have written chapters of my books on my iPhone.  It was not easy given the ration of my finger size to the keyboard, but it was certainly more convenient as I could work when I felt like, regardless of my surroundings.

Further, not being content to jot down a few keywords of an idea, that occurs sporadically, with the iPhone I can jot down a quick paragraph that ensures that I don’t lose elements of content that I might with ‘keywords only’.

OK, we have learned that the iPad is increasing its lead over the other devices, particularly laptops, and is the most popular platform.  How do people actually use the iPad today?

 How People Actually Use iPads

What can we learn from this chart?  First and foremost, we seen that the iPad is primarily a consumer of information, with over 59% of its ‘time’ used for Web Browsing and watching videos, plus game playing.  This is contrasted by the uses of Email and Other Applications (40.7%) – creators of information.  It is the former, consuming information, which clearly drives its use because it is so much more convenient, given its form-factor.

So, since November, 2010 when the iPad was introduced, it has become the dominant and preferred form factor, and I can now certainly understand my growing longing.  The iPhone 3GS became affordable because I bought it when the iPhone 4 came out.  Unfortunately, there was no large price decline when the iPad 2 was introduced. 

Until a miracle happens, I’ll just have to continue to save my pennies.  I also urge you to purchase my second book, Views from Sandhausen: Experiences from a Foreign Service Assignment, available from the following points of purchase:

It is a fun, informative, engaging, interesting and useful view of what lies on the other side of ‘The Pond’.

Love each other!


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5 responses to “The iPad Tsunami: Does it Matter? and how is it Used?

  1. I finally broke down and got an iPhone last week, same as you 3Gs. $49.00 at AT&T, but got an early upgrade as my old Samsung’s display messed up and the warranty folks told me I was one day out of warranty. But the folks at the corporate store were willing to work with me, and I walked away happy. And I’m working on learning how to post on my blogs with it. Already do much of my Facebook activity with it. But I do have to wonder how kindly the folks at Apple are taking to the headline about the iPad being the only “PC” that matters….Cliff

    • Cliff,
      When I use the term PC, other than Politially Correct (which is Bullshit), I use it to describe a Personal Computer – regardless of the label on the box. It can be from Apple, IBM, DELL, or Samsung – I don’t care. It is the interface to empower humans to interact in a digital environment that enhances their lives, and connection to others. As far as Apple is concerned, ‘Frankly My Dear, I Don’t Give a Damn” 🙂
      You are going to love your iPhone! I have over 280 apps on mine, mostly free apps. The tools that we have today are astounding! How’s work going?

  2. Used to be that “pc’s” were known as IBM clones, but I digress. And at this point my iPhone is taking the place of my mp3 player and HD radio.

    As far as the job is concerned, so far so good. Just with taking care of our son who is bipolar, and Kathy’s parents who have health and working about 45 hours a week, I’m finding myself lacking “Cliff and Kathy time.” Otherwise all is well. Though it is better than this time last year when I didn’t think I was ever going to find a job.

  3. I was making points like these to a friend the other day. One huge hampering factor of PCs in general is having to manage them, taking time away from what really matters, which is productivity or consumption. The iPad eliminates that and, on top of that, throws in great accessibility–its layout is very intuitive.

    If you’re interested in other devices like the iPad, the Chromebook is pretty awesome and will be released shortly! Here’s a link: While it may not be a huge success, there are a growing number of applications popping up on the internet, such as Aviary:, a suite of online editors for creative types. Internet-only computing can seem like a huge sacrifice, but most of us do spend a large chunk of time on it–the only time I am not on a browser is when I am making music!

  4. You’re absolutely right in your examination of the iPAD. My daughter uses hers to browse and play games, that’s about it. Of course, she’s twelve, but most adults follow her example.

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