This is a Horror Show! MRSA and Giant Bedbugs

For Me, This is a Horror Show! How about You?  Bedbugs With ‘Superbug’ Germ Found! 

Giant Bedbugs; Drug-resistant Bacteria?

 I don’t often blog about breaking news, particularly if the information is preliminary.  Today I am making an exception.  I cannot imagine a worse combination of a blood-sucking insect that is particularly adept at hiding – as is the bedbug, and possibly the dreaded Staph infectionMethicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

From the Huffington Post, 5/11/11, “ATLANTA — Hate insects? Afraid of germs? Researchers are reporting an alarming combination: bedbugs carrying a staph “superbug.” Canadian scientists detected drug-resistant staph bacteria in bedbugs from three hospital patients from a downtrodden Vancouver neighborhood.

Bedbugs have not been known to spread disease, and there’s no clear evidence that the five bedbugs found on the patients or their belongings had spread the MRSA germ they were carrying or a second less dangerous drug-resistant bacteria.”

The highlighted section is the horror part.  Is it MRSA or is it the second less dangerous drug-resistant bacteria.  The way I read that, it is an either or question.  Is it the Number One or the Number Two drug-resistant bacteria?  Either one is horrific!

 It is going to make your skin crawl but please follow this link.  Ignorance is no excuse and while unpleasant, you need to be aware of this!

Forewarned is forearmed.  God!  What is next, Radioactive Mosquitoes?



3 responses to “This is a Horror Show! MRSA and Giant Bedbugs

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  3. Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’re creeping me out!

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