One Third of the Way Through PostaWeek2011

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The beginning of this year I joined a movement called PostaWeek2011.  PostaWeek has been good for me as it has driven me to post more, elevate the quality of my work, and make me a better writer. Others are finding this is also true, as you will see by following this link.

So, what does it all mean?  For me it means that I live a richer life because I am now paying more attention the details and nuances, of life.  I am always looking at things and saying to myself, “Is that of enough interest to share with others?  Is it significant enough to interest me?”  You have to pay closer attention to the life around you, and that more fully engages you, the person, in life itself!

Well, what has interested others?  Below you will find the top-ranking page views from my blog.  Pages views are counted by WordPress, and ranked in order of most clicks, or views, on top.  You would expect that the Main Page would rank highest as it receives a click from everyone.  About the Author is usually second; readers want to know something about the writers, to understand where the writer is coming from.

Then the most read posts follow.  You can click on the post and go directly to the post that attracted the attention.  I found this interesting.  I hope you will too!  I look forward the next third of the year and you should as well!


PS. A side learning has been that sex sells! blog results for the end of 2010 and the first Third of 2011.

Title   Views
Home page   2,817
About the Authors   135
An Inside Look at the Japanese Horror   127
What make a great Logo?   109
My Name is Helina; Can I be Your Girlfriend? Part One   95
Public Isolation Project   90
The Return of ‘Olga’   77
My Name is Olga: Can I Be Your Girlfriend? Part 1   66
My Name is Helina: “Can I be your Girlfriend?” Part Two   58
We are finally Published on Amazon and Barnes and Noble   58
Phenom: Amanda Hocking   57
Digital Book World: Book-Buying Behavior in 2010 – Extract   55
Spring Cleaning and the Tablet Explosion   53
Chiggers, sand fleas and Scorpions – a Recon Marine’s Story from Afghanistan   53
My Name is Olga: Can I be your Girlfriend? Part 2   49
Information Delivery: Times Marches On   46
Arlington National Cemetery – Changing of the Guard   46
My Name is Helina: Can I be your Girlfriend? Part Four   45

One response to “One Third of the Way Through PostaWeek2011

  1. Congrats on your revelation!

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