My Name is Helina; Can I be Your Girlfriend? Part 7


Today we are wrapping up our little expose of our charming Helina.  There is no cause for you to fear however, because Helina is not the only scammer out there, committing this amazing fraud to the lonely, the desperate, the unhappy, and the disillusioned.  There are many more and we will take a look at a few of them in the coming weeks.

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 Our story continues with a note from Lex’s (another victim of Helina) note from Kim (Lex’s caring daughter), I received this note back to her from Helina:

From: Kimberly ****** <****>
Date: Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 11:56 PM
Subject: Re: love
To: Helina Nartey <>


Thank you for contacting me, I do want to try and help you understand where I am coming from and how much I love my dad.

I above anyone on this earth have wanted for YEARS for my dad to find happiness.  He is the type of man that finds the good in any situation and anyone.  He has made the best of the chaos he has had to live in for the past 10 years.  He is loved by all that meet him and brings to a smile to everyone he comes in contact with.  He is a good man and deserves a happy peaceful life.  I want you to be real, for him, for his future but there is this nagging voice in the back of my head and heart that tells me not to trust you.  Set aside all of the poetic lyrics and romantic dreams and these are the warnings and red flags I have come across time after time on each item you have given or asked of my dad.

 1.  When I first learned of your communication with my dad I googled dating in Ghana– first 15 things that came up were warnings of scammers that professed love just like you are professing to my dad.  Quick and wildly romantic. 

2.  The more I looked the more your pictures resembled the others that have been scammed.

3.  One of the warnings that were common in each scam were a sick mother getting deathly ill and needing money.  It wasn’t 1 week later that your mom, whom you had been setting the stage with telling my dad about the stove being tricky/broken whatever and that you worried she would one day burn herself, claimed to have burn almost to death and you needed money from my dad.

4.  Your mom was in a hospital that could not be found????? 

5.  You asked for a large sum of money from a person you have “known” for a couple of months?!?!  Who does that?  I would NEVER ask for money from someone that I hardly knew, much less never met in person.

6.  You gave my dad a “Declaration Fee Note” so I google it- the first 15 items come up warning me that this is not real.  I can’t find one thing that states that this is a real form, even from the Ghana Embassy.  Again asking for $5,000 now! My dad is not made of money and does not have $7,000 to blow on something that isn’t real.

7.  I check out the names on the form- again not real.  I understand there are many people out there with the same last name but I also understand if I google “George Bush in the United States” the important George Bush will come up before some common guy from Alabama comes up looking for love on Netlog!  So I look up the Chief of Staff Officer– again not the right name.  So my dad tells you that the information is not current- then you say “Oh yeah that’s an old form” – NOT a good way of covering your tracts.

8.  Then we google you.  Your picture comes up with warnings attached stating you have scammed others using the name Lolita and Suzi and who knows what else.  Fact is if you look up my photo you will not find it scattered all over the Internet as a scam or a porn star, and I would expect the majority of the people that you google would not come up that way, so that this is all a coincidence is not looking good. For one it is sordof embarrassing that my step-mom was the one that found it and second that now my brothers are aware that you masturbate and show nude pictures of yourself for money.  I don’t care how hard up for money you are, this is not an acceptable way to get money.  If you are real, how embarrassing would that be for my brothers to have their friends google you and find that!  It makes me shake my head just thinking about it.  They are boys, but they are good boys and deserve a good and decent stepmom.  You claim those are old pictures but the ones you sent dad holding his picture were of you in the exact same chair with the exact same outfit on with your hair the exact same way.  Now come on, we are girls, we are not going to just happen to look the exact same in two pictures supposedly taken a couple of years apart.

9.  I googled your name- not a single person did I find with the last name of Nartey was white…

 Whoever you are- I am not willing to sacrifice my dad for you.  You ask him to come see you.  Ok, this is my problem with that.  Nothing you have said has equaled up- if he goes over there and you are real and you come back great, I will apologize.  If you are NOT real, but my dad goes over there and you end up kidnapping him, torturing him for money, or worse killing him I would loose my mind!  He has 3 sons, a daughter and a grand-daughter that love him too much to risk loosing him forever.  You may think that this sounds crazy or dramatic but hell this whole situation you have had with him has been crazy and dramatic.  At this point, anything is possible.  You live in a country that is not protected the way we are here and even here there are politics and bad people in government positions so anything can happen.  All in all, I don’t have a good feeling about this and bottom line I am NOT willing to risk my dad’s life to find out if this is real.  I am sorry but he is too important to us.


  And apparently back to Kim from Helina:

On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 2:16 PM, Helina Nartey <> wrote:

Hi Kimberly, how are you doing. I have nothing to say against all you are saying. But I want you to know i am not behind all those scam activities and that you should check all google say about me you will notice most of them are not from Ghana. I am not writing to tell you i am not a scam. but i want you to know what i have for your dad is real and give me one chance to proof it to real. I am not wanting your dad to waist any money on me, he says he flys free and him coming here will not affect him. just allow him a 3 days visit to Ghana . After he gets my visa worked out . i will come and chat with you. I know when you hear my story you will believe.You take care of your self and Bentley,

March 16, 2011

nartiehI: your love


Our Helina; Ready for Bed?

Mrs Jones That is what i wear to to bed . its mostly hot hear . but some time when its cold i change it i will send you that one too.  Loving you is all i want to do. i have sent a copy of my passport and birth certificate too.


Sent to my dad yesterday…

Kim April 2, 2011nartiehI: Dear Lex,
It hurts to be pointed out as something you’re not. I’m short of words and surprised at the way you act towards me these days. Lex, you’ve been totally good to me and don’t really know me. A lot of people down here suffer from the rest of the bad seeds around them. I wish I’d never got too exited about this whole thing about us or even reveal to one too many friends about my intentions.
I read all you sent me and can’t force your hand you  my dearest Lex. I was only giving out an idea I could rely and bank on. Truely speaking, i made up my mind not to fall in love again but ever since you came in to my life every thing changed. SCAM, this is just a word now synonymous with almost every African who is in need of assistance from a foreigner.
Sincerely I am really bothered about the doubt casts on me, you where there for me and my family when I needed a breather and I really appreciated every bit of the care and assistance you rendered without cause. I’m sorry for all I put you through and I make this promise Lex: That all of our discussions, transactions as much as intimacy will not lead to a bowl of regrets on your part. I’m eventually stuck and don’t know how to go about this current situation my dear
You are all I have, and all I wanted. I wouldn’t forgive myself or the world if things go haywire with us. I wonder why you’ve gotten the notion about me not giving a f—k! I’m a lady who wants to be happy and can’t treat goodness with any sort of evil act. A wise old man once told me, that; Apart from an understanding of the values our hearts were made for, all of our efforts to provide for the future will ultimately fail. After a long walk to the beach and back i realize there is no need to die when my other half is still on earth i know how you will feel when i am no more. that is the same i will feel. I walked all the way here to write you this email. its late and i have to walk back home. its not safe but walking will take the stress of me .
Finally, I have explained every event that took place to my mom and she is so let down at my being unable travel as planned. I will try to take things one at a time and make sure I put a huge smile back on her face.  I wish God grants you wisdom on who to trust.
 Alway with you in Heart,
 Above all, I still love and miss you very much and want to be with you as soon as possible.

And, more from Kim (in a note to Me):

Kimberly: So she is still communicating with you?  I forwarded your website to my dad and I think he has FINALLY decided that she is a fake!!!  I cannot thank you enough!!!!  He has confronted her about it and they are still trying to get him over there! CRAZY!!!! 


After the realization that her little confidence game was no longer going to work, this is a summary of Helina’s conversation with “Lex”.

 nartiehI: Are you there

Good Moorning

Why is it that you only bring up this scam thing when ever I ask you for help? I have tried dear tried to make this work for us. You think I love it when they call me that name. How do you feel when you are call something you are not? I don’t know what to think dear. I have cried all night , wondering If you still love me. You put me into more pain when I need your help the most.

Lex: I wonder how much of this is out there. Kimberly does not want me to come there for fear of my life. There are people nation wide upset at you !! One person tells of going to see you and is attacked and robbed when he arrives Accra .. The risks over the rewards is there !! I want to believe but every day the odds of you being real dwindle . I have tried to convince Kimberly but she is at zero and taking a stand for my safety and sanity !! Today will be a day I pray for reason to continue !! I love you .. Lex

How can something of such beauty be destructive to so many hearts ??   Lex

And back from Helina:

nartiehI: I feel like diein wheni think of this things? I walked from the cafe to the house last night wishing someone will just will just attack and kill me but I didn’t meet an ant. Your family don’t like me and will never like me. I have never given birth but I have so many problems why me God

Lex: It’s not you , it’s the reputation that has been built around you!!  I would not wish this on anyone but yes it will control your life . It is very sad that something like this can happen to anyone !! You are the focus of my prayers today !! My family is taking the advise of many to protect me !! Yes common logic tells anyone you are not real. The dream of that perfect sole mate leads many down a rocky path that then dead ends!! Pray for us today !!   Lex

Lex: I wonder If there will ever be us
It is up to US to keep the dream alive . TRUE LOVE and believing in each other will triumph ! I do have a big heart and compassion for my fellow man ! I too know when to defer a losing battle and seek to win with life’s rewards. I need to wake up and smell the roses. If this rose is to highlight my garden then I will nourish it !!   Lex

nartiehI: I have done all I can its left with you to decide. Now they think you will be kill when you come here. Now what do you say

Lex: Rockin in Black Ice .. Song ” My my my once bitten twice shy ”   Not a good start but a smart start to my day !! This can’t be left up to me !! WE will need to step up and face our decisions . Like ” The Stairway to Heaven ” there is still time to change the road you are on !! We have two paths .. I pray we are on the same path ..   Lex

nartiehI: Right now!! I am at the beach thinking of where to keep my things and where to sleep because the landlord want me out of the house. That all I think off now

Lex: Where is Mavis ???   (Presumably Helina’s mother)

nartiehI: You want me to answer that? I think you already know

Lex: No you have not mentioned in a long time ?

Lex: She is a part of my daily prayers !!   Lex

nartiehI: Do you really care about her?

nartiehI: She is my problem
Yes .. Remember  I lost my mother last November !!
You say you care about her ? That nicely said , maybe. Living her in her state of death xnd thinking just want your money another way to show you care.


Lex: Remember I am besieged with pictures of the one I love in scams and porn sites . I believe I have remained true to the cause but cautious ! I have to listen to my family and then make MY decision !!!   Lex

nartiehI: That what I want to know what is your decision! I am tied of thinking you are there for me when you are not there

Lex: That’s just IT , you are there and I am here for you !! My children have asked me not to send money until we have touched and confirmed this relationship. I will honor their request. After we have spent time together I will search my heart and move us in the right direction for success !! I am onboard with this even with all the negative daggers that have flown my way!! Until I get there you will need to go into survival mode or seek help ! From the web sites alone somebody owes you a bunch of money !!! Just
coming to see you will cost me 2000$ in overtime pay to cover my absence. I am investing in this !!   I love you !! Lex

nartiehI:If you love me you will help me just on this one please

Lex:  Every week you have a 2000$ emergency . This is what your country advises Americans to avoid!! Like the employee at the photo shop when you needed 5000$ for visa , the scammers make it hard for you.

Lex:  The only one left is the customs agent at the airport that will want 2000$ to fix your passport !! Baby all if this hard to handle . 5000$ visa. 3000$ hospital . 2000$ landlord … I have sent you 4000$ of the 10000$ you have needed over the past month???   Lex

nartiehI: Why do you say all this!! Please don’t do this to me

Lex: Ok Mandy !!! What can Cliff and get you!! Kimberly found you out !!! BITCH   Lex

nartiehI:Oh God I am not Mandy !!

Lex:  Read your email !!! Cliff and I have the same LOVE !!! I saved everything we said for OUR future .. I will donate it to Cliff for his next book ! Expensive book for me !!! Lex

 Lex: Was I going to robbed at the airport ??

nartiehI:I think I will still go to Amsterdam  !!
Come and see I told you not to come with anything worhy stealing. Want to know the truth come and see for your self no money nothing just come with a return ticket. You can live the same day. Your family don’t want is together. So no more affairs between us. Just be my withbess some day. Come see If I am Mandy or Amanda or any of that

Lex: Have you read the email ???

nartiehI: No

Lex: Please do !! I have my copies of exactly what you told Cliff . Remember he was coming to see you on the 14APR too ???

nartiehI: I feel the need to find one of my Mexican girl friends and let her know how special she can be !!

nartiehI: I never loved cliff. I met him before you on the same website. On video chat. Yes I always do video chat with cliff. As time went on I saw he wasn’t interested in me so I stop talking to him. I want to him for help when I need money for my mom and you would help me. The only I will get help from him was to make him come here so I told him to come here. You have my heart and I was never going to marry cliff.

Lex: My ex is rubbing it in that you are a scam !!! You really know how to f-k a guy up !!
Lex: My Mexican friend had compassion !! I had shown a picture of Mandy to her. She sent me a picture of her in a mountain climbing suit (Teddy)
Lex: Jacuzzi time .. Helina hour has been canceled!!!

nartiehI: Lol God bless you. For every thing. I want to advice you. Don’t follow cliff because he is passing out wrong information I am not Mandy or amada burrell. You take care of your self . Every thing we had is real just a little complicated (money wanting )

Lex: We had a great weekend partner !!!! Lex
Lex: Did you check out the information Cliff sent me ??
Lex: Kimberly is speaking with Cliff and the FBI ?? Don’t see how the FBI cares if we are stupid!!
Lex: You were right !! Kimberly said Cliff might pay me if I send him a copy of all our conversations !
Good Morning
We had a great day partner !!


As all of this has transpired, I believe that the sequence of events was that our ‘Mandy’ had 30+ sets of photographs taken, the subject matter being soft porn.  At that time she would have been 25-30 (about right) if she is 38 today.   This occurred apparently, back in the late 90’s – early 2000’s.  Subscriptions were sold to (presumably) men (and boy’s?) for monthly access.  This was probably late in the game as our ‘Mandy’ has sold her photos all over the net, under an incredibly long list of names.’s specifics (according to WHOIS, are as follows:  


   Registrar: FABULOUS.COM PTY LTD.  ß———–  NOTE: Australia Registered

   Whois Server:

   Referral URL:

   Name Server: NS1.EVILTECH.COM

   Name Server: NS2.EVILTECH.COM

   Status: clientDeleteProhibited

   Status: clientTransferProhibited

   Updated Date: 31-may-2010

   Creation Date: 19-jun-2003

   Expiration Date: 19-jun-2011

What do you want to bet on the domain’s renewal?

And my last communication with this little con artist

Date: April 6, 2011
To: Helina Nartey <>
Subject: Re: Test

‘Helina’ my love,

Ran across today.  I feel cheated.  Did you sue the hack that sold you that boob job!  I would have.

On Apr 3, 2011, at 11:08 PM, Helina Nartey <> wrote:

oh cliff dear. you are angry you couldn’t get me. sorry . By the way let me tell you incase you dont know. You are passing out wrong information and other people no me more than you think you do so. Be advised i am not mandy or amanda burrell this two are different people and i am sure some one will love to search your gortune with you. just keep writting more about me. Hey dont think i want you to stop continue your good work. author!!!

 So, the latest is that we have been picked up by the WordPress listings for the week of April 4, 2011, on their Social Networks thread.  The word is indeed getting out!

That’s all the time that I intend to spend on this miscreant.  I have volumes more information on Helina and will publish it all if I decide to turn this series of adventures into a proper book.  Coming up,

My Name is Olga: Can I be your Girlfriend?

Enjoy the weekend all.

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