Guest Post – Shelley Hitz

Guest Blogging Success Podcast Series: How to be a Good Guest Blogger

Guest post by Shelley Hitz

By way of introduction, I have worked with Shelley for a several months, and it has been a thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience!  I have selected her to be my first guest blogger because her message is clear, compelling and full of value for you, my readers.  I urge you to listen to her advice by clicking on the MP3, download her free, fact-filled book here, and to visit her site!  She has delivered more value (Excellent content/Price) FREE, than anyone in the Author Blogosphere!  Enjoy and learn.


MP3 File

Download and read Shelley’s free PDF report called, “Guest Blogging Success for Authors.”

Shelley Hitz is an entrepreneur, author and speaker. Her website, Self Publishing Coach, provides resources and tutorials that help you publish and market your book. Sign up for her newsletter, Self Publishing Tips to download her book templates, which she offers surprisingly free.

You can also find Shelley on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

If you enjoyed that presentation, and why would you not, I’d like to draw your attention to her recent offering, “A Step-by-Step Guide to Guest Blogging“.

She is also going to promote her upcoming tour, on her website, here.  Check it out!



7 responses to “Guest Post – Shelley Hitz

  1. Shelley, I am really enjoying watching this blog tour progress. I have been consuming the information in your report. Valuable information. I recommend that everyone who reads this guest blog post go immediately and get this report.

    Cliff, good work!

  2. Cliff,
    Thanks so much for hosting me on this tour! It’s been fun 🙂

    And thanks Pastor Bobby for joining us and for your support! I hope you’re learning some valuable tips for setting up your very own “Virtual Book Tour.”


  3. Sure am! I just hope that many others have the foresight to follow you and learn.

  4. I agree Shelley is someone who delivers great value. I bought her guest blogging and I think it’s a great value for the price.

  5. Thanks so much Sharon! I appreciate that and want to be known as someone who overdelivers and gives more than she takes 🙂

    And I look forward to following your “virtual book tour” once you are ready to launch your new book!

  6. I did both! Great job.

  7. be happy and love. kiss

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