My name is Helina: Can I be your Girlfriend? Part 5

Part Five of our little expose of unsuspecting lonely men and women around the world, being scammed for whatever they will send the scammer.  No consideration is given by these unscrupulous cretins. 

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The next day I am the recipient of an eMail from Helina

From: Helina Nartey <>

Date: Sun, Mar 27, 20II at 8:2I AM

To: Cliff Feightner <>

I thank God every night since I found you. You came into my life when everything seemed so dark but you provided the light to find my way. I’ve never been so certain of anything in my life like I am of us. You have totally changed my outlook in life and I thank you for that. 

I never thought that someone could love me like you do, but guess what? I love you more that that  too. I feel as if I’m walking over clouds just thinking about you. You make my life complete.  I love you so much and I know you love me too. 

I know that others looking into our relationship might think that we’re saying too many things too soon but they just don’t know how we feel about each other. 

There’s nothing wrong about the things I’ve told you, I meant every word I said. I love you, I would do anything, I love you so much.. Today I promise you that I would do anything in my power to make you a great person, outstanding father and loving husband. I LOVE YOU!!


Your Helina

DING goes Messenger

Helina: <ding>

Helina: ho ware you doing dear

Helina: no. i am sorry i didnt have any airtime on my phone and like i told you i have no money too so i had to stay at the shop late

Helina: oh ok  

Image of Lady Diana‘s wedding ring sent to Helina

Helina: when am i coming there? 

nartiehI: it that what i think it is?

 nartiehI: I love you dear

nartiehI: are you coming to Ghana?

nartiehI: I4 of April?nartiehI: dear why golden tulip?

nartiehI: it far from where i live and i dont think its the best

  nartiehI: are you booking it online

  artiehI: why not let me take care of that for you?  i will get the finest hotels here

nartiehI: that what i want to do to get a car till you go back

nartiehI: i love you dearOur last conversations were via text messages, between phones (I guess she just magically found airtime money).

In reality, she secured her airtime money from another interested person, as you will discover in subsequent posts.

I told her I was coming to Ghana, that I would resolve all open issues.

Her next text message came in the form of a plea.  It seems that her mother set their apartment on fire and that she was very badly burned.  She asked me for $1,000 so that she might be treated.  I refused to send the money, saying I would pay all outstanding debts when I arrived in Ghana on 14, April.  That didn’t go over well.

A little time passed.  BUZZ goes my cell phone.  Helina called from ‘Ghana’.  I must say that the Caller ID spoof that they used was very effective!  It almost fooled me but there were too many inconsistencies along the way.

I told her:

  • That she was no more in Ghana than I was.
  • That the electrical outlet in one of her pictures carried an Underwriters Lab patent.  That this outlet was only used in North America, and that it was not capable of carrying the 220V power, standard in Ghana.
  • That I had found photographs on the Internet that matched the photos that she had sent me from Ghana. I had analyzed the photos and they were the same, same camera, exposure, density, and dates of creation. 
  • The furniture matched in the Internet photos and her ‘Ghana’ photos and that she was a fraud.


Time passes and the phone rings again.  Please, Please help me, my mother is dying and that I am her only hope.  NO, same story.


Closely following Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the next call was full of anger, recriminations, and tears.  Protestations of why I was doing this to her and that it was unfair to call her a fraud when she just asked for a little mercy and help. Yada Yada…

I told my dear Helina that I was done with ‘This Play’ and that I wished both her and her mother Godspeed.

'Helina' at a Ghanaian Baby christening

And then, one final plea from my dear Helina.  She sent me four photos that were purportedly taken of her at a recent “Baby Naming” ceremony in Ghana.  She pleaded that “was this not proof that she was who she said that she was?  If you look at the four pictures (all four will be in the coming book), you see that the faces are taken from two different sides, and that they are at varying zoom factors, and each is a different dress – but the face is the same, even down to the flirtatious strand of hair that runs down the (her) right side of her beautiful face. 

Look at the picture closely (if you choose).  You will notice that the dress detail is very sharp but the face is somewhat blurry.  These are the ‘footprints’ of Photoshop alterations. No, not evidence of bonafide; confirmation of attempted fraud!

Exit Helina

Don’t despair; we will have much more about Helina!

To be continued…

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 nartiehI: wow? When are we getting married , when will I be there? 


One response to “My name is Helina: Can I be your Girlfriend? Part 5

  1. This is truly a compelling story. You’re very brave to face this beautiful grifter like this. Keep up the good work!

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