My Name is Helina: Can I be your Girlfriend? Part Four

Part Four of our little expose of unsuspecting lonely men and women around the world, being scammed for whatever they will send the scammer.  No consideration is given by these unscrupulous cretins. 

UPDATE AND APOLOGY:  At the beginning of this series of articles, I named one Amanda Burrell as the ‘real’ name of this delightful litter scammer.  In fairness, I qualified it with the statement that lots of people have the name “Amanda Burrell”.  I’ve made a lot of progress in the last four days and have found a number of ‘aliases’ for this doe-eyed beauty, including: Audrey Lenon, Renee Roe, Kelsey Hess, Nancy Milman, Raven, Sandra, Jonesley Marcus, Colleen Smith, Suzzy Love, Heather Swain, Lolita Brown, and Rose Akogo.  I credit a friend named Lex, and his daughter Kim, from the southwest part of our great land, for much of this information.  It seems that he was fooled, much the same as I.  He is indeed fortunate, to have family that casually monitors his activities, making sure that he does not step into one of life’s many ‘holes’!

His part of this adventure will be explained in full, if he allows it.

For background, please see:

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And, just like the rains that we have had down here all week, BUZZ goes Messenger.

Helina Nartey: hello dear

Helina Nartey: To be in love means being patient but to be patient you must trust yourself first. You can never find love through the eye or ear, so you must trust the only thing that will never fade until you die, your heart.

Love is like trust, when you find your special someone it is as if you’re trusting them with your heart. Trust is what you put in someone’s hands. Faith is what you hold on to. Love makes not everyone, but the only one in your life who is special think that you are always there for him/her, to be with him/her,  to make him/her realize how much you really love him/her. This is all that we need to make this work for us.  

Our Charming ‘Helina”

    I believe   and have trust in you already. After reading what your friend said . i think i am in love with you. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you. I promise and mean every word you are reading. But will you do the same? 

        The next morning dawned and Messenger BUZZED again.

Helina Nartey: i spent my whole day today thinking about you. When ever i talk to you, you seem to tell me all the beautiful and wonderful things that mean the most to me. You are so nice and sweet to me and I really appreciate that.

Helina Nartey: You show me you care and I really love that. You make me smile so much all the time and I smile all day and night knowing that the reason I smile is because of you. I love you dear

Helina Nartey: i am looking at them now . you i wish i was there to give you a kiss you your lips.

Helina Nartey: i will take picture for you tomorrow dear. lots  and lots of pture

Helina Nartey: You make me happy and fill me with so much joy everyday. I love the feeling that you give me every time I think of you and with every word you say I keep close to my heart, so i will never forget you.

Helina Nartey: i mean i want you to be on my mind all day and night long

Helina Nartey: Thank you for showing me kindness and love. I will always love you , I will always keep you in my thoughts, I will always keep you in my heart where no one can touch you. you are my world now

Helina Nartey: i wish i could fly and give you a kiss

Helina Nartey: its ok to talk about every thing. remember open communicate is a good start for an ever lasting relationship

Helina Nartey: i am ready to make you as happy as you make me. do you think its too ealry for us to be together?

Helina Nartey: meet in person like me come there or you come here

Helina Nartey: yes it does but  I will really love to come there . All for one reason to be with you. But also i have this dream of getting my family out of here.  so i want to come there get a job doing start a new life with you and then i can come here and get me family. I love me family so much.Life here has not been really good to us after the dad of my dad. I try always to make my family happy and  strong we all have the same dream of living here.

Helina Nartey: is it not time for you to go yet?

Helina Nartey: did you get my address?

Helina Nartey: ok so when are you going to get me the money?

Helina Nartey: ok

Helina Nartey: how txt me when you get it done

Helina Nartey: you make me happy with any thing you do. I just wish i can make you that happy

Helina Nartey: i am here dear. i am just worn out can we chat later. i want to take my shower. but i can still txt you when i am on my bed

Helina Nartey: mush dear. i love you and will be missing you. good night

Clothing Optional Video Chat #2

Helina Nartey: that kiss is for you

Helina Nartey: ok . you take care of your self bye

Helina Nartey: ok it your call. that is the trust i need us to build that trust that nothing can ever come between us. that is what i want us to build. it the only way we can make this work   

Helina Nartey: can  you see me?

 Helina Nartey: are you there?

To be Continued…

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