Self-Limiting Behavior

Seize the Day

One of my largest pet peeves is the mindset of self-limiting behavior.  Let me explain.  There are two types of people in this world; those that see an opportunity to improve their (or other’s) life by taking some type of action.  The other kind of person is, whether through their upbringing or through an internalized fear of failure, hesitates when opportunity calls, and takes no action.

This dichotomy was an integral part of my life as I tend to charge ahead, and my dear wife Lynn held back.  I would rather ask for forgiveness, rather than permission.  Was the genesis of my behavior due to my upbringing?  I don’t think so.  I think that it was generated by my own natural (internal) arrogance.  I know arrogance is out of favor today; it is real and part of our lives and if it makes the lives of me and those around me better, so be it.

On the other hand, Lynn’s reluctance to charge forward came from her upbringing.  Her family (and this is NOT a criticism) tends to be more restrained.  They consistently exhibit this self-limiting behavior.  “Can I go on that roller-coaster; I’d better not!”  “Can I go back to school at 30 and earn my degree; I don’t know”.  “Can I learn a new language; probably not; “Go to the parade; better not – sunburn”.”  These types of objections are generated internally and cause you to stay in your comfortable rut, never learning new things and not experiencing the thrill of living closer to the ‘edge’!

To her everlasting credit, with much support from our friends and I, Lynn went back to school at 30 years of age, to earn her Medical Assisting degree.  The result, she graduated at the very top of her class – beating out more than 23 of her 20-something classmates!

So, my message is to take a risk once in a while.  Leave your comfort zone, try that new dish, walk down that forest trail that you have never been on, and enjoy your life to its fullest.

HEADLINE: On a related front, yesterday I started to put up my self-hosted website,!  I received my site design files from Mike at Smart Author Sites, and I now have the ball to start construction.  Can this blog be far from its moving day?

For a further discussion on self-limiting behavior, to Seth Godin’s Blog, to read what he says about Accepting False Limits


2 responses to “Self-Limiting Behavior

  1. i do agree that one should go for whatever they feel they want to accomplish and i don’t think that is arrogance, but self-confidence. i am making my “dramatic debut” on stage monday night and although i am sure i will be nervous, it has been a good experience and the world will certainly continue on tuesday whether i flop or not! if i thought it was much more important than that, then THAT would be arrogance! my usual motto is: A hundred years from now, what difference will it make!?

  2. Bravo Dianne. Don’t break a leg; we have a date Saturday!

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