Phenom: Amanda Hocking

Today’s blog will be shorter than usual but we will discuss a truly remarkable author, Amanda Hocking.  She may be only 25 years old but in that time, she has accomplished more than a dozen of her talented peers.

During the course of the last few years, with determination and all the intensity that she could muster, she has published four Young Adult paranormal romance novels, and has more than a dozen finished books ‘on the shelf’ and ready to go.  So you say, “OK, she is prolific – what else?” As of March 2011, she has sold about a million copies of nine books and earned two million dollars from sales, something previously unheard of for self-published authors.  The great majority were self-published as eBooks.  She set a low price point and the cash and admiration rolled in.

The lesson for us all is that we too can achieve a measure of her success.  Admittedly, her genre of ‘Young adult paranormal romance’ is probably the hottest niche today.  Through hard work, laser-like focus, untiring effort, and a lot of time spent on other things than writing, Amanda made it happen!

Please read on for more of her remarkable story.  Amanda Hocking summary.



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