Today’s Business Dilemma: Twitter versus Facebook


 I am CONVINCED that Social Media is a cornerstone to my publishing company and book sales efforts.  I have a rather guilty secret to let you in on.  You have to promise not to tell anyone, least of all Mark Zuckerberg!  It was after becoming active on: Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Publitariat, Xing, Plaxo, LinkedIn, and a host of other ‘social’ sites, I’m exhausted.  If you add to that the time I spend on eMail and various publishing newsgroups (you promise now??), I’m going to have to fire a few.

It’s either that or continue to spend (still promise??) SIXTEEN HOURS a DAY at the keyboard.  It used to be a relief to go out; leave the computer behind.  Then I bought an iPhone (and soon hope to buy an iPad).  Well, there are not too many ‘social things that I can do on my computer that I can’t do on my iPhone.  When I found that I was writing blog posts on my one night out to Cody’s Roadhouse (my Cheers), it hit me that this couldn’t go on.  Yes, I use (social site) aggregating applications like: Hoot Suite, MarketMeSuite, Boxcar, Twit Bird, and TweetDeck – NOT helpful enough.

The salient paragraph for me was: Twitter may have a significantly smaller user-base than Facebook, but it requires less time for actionable exposure, offers more return on investment, and reaches a more specific audience and consumer base. The amount of distraction on Twitter is also far less than the amount of distraction on Facebook, where businesses can end up lost at sea.”

I will continue to keep my LinkedIn account for showcasing my (Information Technology) profile, although I also have a professional website at that does that.   The question is, “How active am I going to be on Facebook and Twitter.  That is where the time-savings potential is.  Rather than flip a coin or doing something else that is stupid, I sought out advice.

I found a solid piece of advice on the website (extracted from Entrepreneur), written by Eunju Lie . He is a very bright, thoughtful expert on so many things.  His attraction to me is his deep understandings about business and the marketing of that business.  His source was Social Twist – solid stuff.  I would encourage you to read his article, Twitter versus Facebook.

What is the net of all this for me personally?  I’ll stop working on my ‘business’ page promoting Views from Sandhausen, and focus on Twitter!


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