Really Competent Writers (#RCW)

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Really Competent Writers (#RCW)

Today I started a Twitter list for Really Competent Writers!  It includes: writers, publishers, coaches, and all manner of competent folks, that are not shy about leaving their thoughts to posterity.  These folks put pen to paper to ensure that a really great thought is not lost to history!  I did this because, in all of my ‘social applications’, I haven’t found this kind of organizing category.  It make sense to me that if Twitter, and perhaps others, focus on the highest praise a reader can receive, we will all be better off.  I know that I wanted this ‘handle‘ when I started this writing odyssey, now almost year-long road.  I’ll also rant about a few other things that are happening.

So, to you: Walt Shiel (@slipdown), Joanna Penn (TheCreativePenn), Joel Friedlander (@Jfbookman), Carol White ( @amarketingmaven), Mars Dorian (@MarsDorian), Shelley Hitz (@Self_Publish) and many others, I thank you for your generosity and support!  With you permission, I’ll be adding this hashtag to Tweets with you and trust that the movement will catch on and offer a ‘focusing on talent’ ‘handle’ for aspiring writers to focus on.

Today I received my ‘Articles of Incorporation’ for FlaPublishing, LLC.  Now I’m a legal business entity (I know, I can hear you cheering)!  I also received my first draft of the website, and fed back comments to the designer’s, Smart Author Sites.

Lastly, we’ve solidly passed 1,020 Twitter followers.  My thanks to all of you that follow @cliffordf2 !

Stay well and happy!


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