Lots of Activity behind the Scenes, and Hashtags


Image by karmadude via Flickr

I haven’t written a post all weekend and I actually feel guilty about it!  I’d rather feel guilty about not writing a post than not making progress on our book, Views from Sandhausen.  On that front, we continue to progress.

Our Twitter following is slowly growing, now up to 973 followers.  That growth rate is a little disappointing, given our meteoritic rise during January, and that’s OK.  I’d much rather have friends who are germane to our core mission (The Expatriate Experience) that folks who spend time begging for followers.  As soon as I receive a “FOLLOW ME, AND MY FRIENDS”, that Twitterer is instantly removed.

Twitter, the concept, is a fascinating and powerful tool.  One of the attributes that makes it so is the concept of Hashtags.  As an old friend used to tell me, “a Cabal is a collection of like-minded individuals, seeking to achieve a common purpose”.

Commonly-used Hashtags

 Well, Hashtags allow like-minded individuals to ‘brand’ a post with a hashtag that has a particular meaning, such that all other like-minded individuals can, by searching on that tag, pull up all tweets from those that they follow, branded with that hashtag.  For instance, #Author will be entered into a Tweet about being an Author, and those that are currently active in the current #PostaWeek2011 (like the author) contest, will put that brand on their Facebook articles.  At the end of the year, an extract by someone in the “ether” will be done, and prizes will be awarded to those who most closely follow the rules of the contest.

Here is my small contribution to the Hashtag subject.  I had to fight to gather this information as there is no central source of Hashtags, to my knowledge.  Compounding the issue, anyone can declare a new hashtag, and if it catches on, the hashtag list grows by another contribution.  I hope you find the table of value!

Another Big Thing that is happening.  I’ve commissioned Smart Author Sites to begin design work on our Views from Sandhausen website.  Unless I establish a FlaAuthor Publishing (corporate) website, the VFS site will be my main writer site.  It will contain all information relating to the book, as well as the moved FlaAuthor.WordPress.com site. 

This new site will be built upon the WordPress.org concept.  That means that I will host the site independently on GoDaddy.com, and that means that the vast world of WordPress plug-ins will be available to me.  If you are serious about making your site the most flexible and feature-rich, hosting your own site is really the only option.  The WordPress.com site has served its purpose, that of educating me in this new area and allowing me to Views from Sandhausen out in the public discourse.  It has allowed me to meet many new people and to begin to start a tribe.  Along with my activity on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, my entry into the Social Media ‘pool’ has been made more graceful.  My deepest appreciation to you, our followers and readers; without you, all of this effort would have been of little value to anyone.

The last Big Thing is that I have finally incorporated the LLC Corporation “FlaAuthor Publishing, LLC”.  I have been using that corporation construct for the 6 months, without actually having had the funds to make it so.  This morning I “Made it So”.  May we all “Live Long and Prosper”.

Lastly, I posted a Valentine to my beloved Lynn on Facebook this morning.  It is my fervent hope that somehow, she will see it and be comforted by it.

Happy Valentine’s Day all!


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  1. And to you! Great post.

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