Car of the Future

I thought that I’d give you a break from my constantly harping on about our book, and talk a little about my past and the future of the automobile!

I think that most of you know that I’m a “Car Guy”.  I have been since I was old

Driving down Big Creek Parkway

 enough to sit on my Dad’s lap on Big Creek Parkway, ‘driving’ home from Church.  I was 10 years old and it was a slick way to get me to church without much of a fuss!  Yes, there WERE psychologists in my family.  As you can see, the parkway has an asphalt surface today; back then it was ‘paved’ with large rocks – hardball-sized rocks.  In fact, my Mom tried to drive on that surface as she was learning to drive.  She hit the gas too hard and lost control; directly into “That Big Creek”.  She never drove again.

Partially because of the fact that I love cars and partially because I love very dry British humor, I make it a point of always trying to catch a show called “Top Gear”.  It comes from BBC America and it covers all things car, in a wonderfully skillful manner, and at the same time being outrageous.  In fact, there is not another show on TV that I am a slave to.  TV is just not that important to me; if I can learn something – fine.

Again, over the years, we have seen a constant parade of “Future Automobiles”.  I’ve subscribed to Motor Trend magazine since I could afford the subscription.  They have a habit of putting the contents and cover of their “…on this date, 50 years ago.” issue, inside the back cover.  Sadly, I now am re-living Motor Trend’s that I first saw in my youth.  That’s something that discourages me; I most likely will not see many of the ‘future cars’.

One that I think I will see is the GM Hy-Wire hydrogen-fueled automobileThis Link will take you to a video about this remarkable vehicle.  It is made even more entertaining for me as it is narrated by James May, one of the three ‘stars’ of Top Gear.  Take a look at the potential future. 

Leave a comment in the comment box below; tell me what you think. 

Remember, the first car may cost $6,000,000, but the second is much more affordable!



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  1. We wrote an article about why we think top gear is a great show, despite its recent controversies:

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