Social Networks Backup: Go Steelers

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It’s Sunday, SUPER BOWL Sunday; awesome Commercials Sunday.  Yesterday it hit 87 degrees in Marathon (Florida) and the northern regions dearly wish they could see their driveways.  It’s a crazy winter!  Here we have clouds, a threat of rain and it’s in the upper sixties.  We Floridians really do need the sun or we get cranky.  I ran across a cute joke that makes us feel better.  I send my apologies to the author and my thanks to my friend Alie for sending it to me.


The State of Florida could be sunned-in for the next few days. Residents have been urged to hunker down at your nearest beach and/or Tiki bar for further instructions. Stock up on Cold Beer & Rum. Use extreme caution while braving this blizzard of sunshine, preferably SPF 30. We are asking our friends and relatives of the north… to please keep us in their thoughts as we deal with 2 feet buried in the sand…

 Another thing that can make you cranky is the loss of Your information, out on someone else’s ‘Internet Cloud’.  When it happens, you get a ‘sorry’, but that doesn’t help you get your data back!  And what is this data?  It is your Social Network information.  You know, where you spend hours per day on the ‘net.  Take a look at the linked chart to see how our peers spend their time.  This point is becoming even more important as businesses move part of their customer communications and marketing on to these ‘fragile’ social networks.  Anything (Facebook) that is growing at nearly 200% per year, is fully challenged to grow their infrastructure at an astounding rate.  I’ve been responsible for designing, implementing, and managing computer infrastructures; it’s a BIG job and your favorite tool is your Crystal Ball. Your network is only as good as is your ability to forecast growth!

So, to the point, how often have you heard, or (worse) said to yourself, “Yes, I clicked the delete button. Yes, I regret it now. Yes, I belatedly realized why the Backupify service makes sense.” Backupify is an all-in-one archiving, search and restore service for the most popular online services including Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and more.

I like it because it is free, it is automatic, and it has the potential to save this old fool’s butt, for actions taken while I am in the ‘ether’.

On a personal note, I have an internet friend in Brisbane Australia.  Her name is Joanna Penn, and she is an author and blogger of some (well deserved) fame.  Her first historical thriller, Pentecost is being released tomorrow, February 7.  It is a great read, much in the style of the DaVinci Code.  I urge you to follow my link to Pentecost.  If it looks interesting to you, buy it for as little as $2.99.  I’ll be buying it at the crack of dawn, tomorrow!

 OK, Erik returns home today and I have a game to prepare for.  24 – 17 Steelers.



2 responses to “Social Networks Backup: Go Steelers

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  2. Thanks so much for the mention! I’ll let you know how the launch goes!

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