Another Minor Change in Direction

FlaAuthor Blog Growth

 Thanks to all of you wonderful followers of this humble blog, we are gaining traction in the blog-o-sphere.

Our Twitter and Facebook profiles are also growing quite well! 

@CliffordF2 Followers

Going forward I intend to write more blog posts about “The Story Behind the Book”.  What that means is that I will look for various details in the book; details that I was not able to cover in the book itself, and dive deeper into those events.  Also, there were hundreds of photos that would not fit in the book.  I will use those of sufficient resolution and quality and put those up on a rotating marquee on the website, a site that does not exist today. That address currently points to our  I am working with, to create it, controlled by resources, as always.  Why don’t I have the income that I had in Europe! RATS!!

In this way I hope to provide additional context to the book and paint a picture for you to really include all of you in our experience.

Lastly for today, I have connected with a wonderful marketing coach, Beth Werner, owner of We anticipate working together (we have common bonds and interests) during the second quarter, to really “Professionally” polish all of our marketing efforts.  All of this is intended to really provide a View into Sandhausen.

01/15/11 Storm

Well, we are under a Tornado warning and I’d like to power down my system before it kills us all…



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