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Growth of Twitter Followers - @CliffordF2

I’ve missed a few days but am still ahead of the curve for the @postaweek2011 challenge. I’ve been up to several diverse activities that all relate to the soon to be release eBook version of Views from Sandhausen. Here are a few of them.

As big as Facebook is, I believe that Twitter will be even bigger! It makes common sense that an instant communication that doesn’t require a person to go to a centralized site to interact with their friends, has to be better that going to a Facebook or MySpace, or LinkedIn. Tweets come in automatically wherever you are, and at any time, in real time. Because of the enforced 140 character limit, you need to be concise and direct. I believe that is how we prefer our communications, short and sweet!

At the end of the day, it is about making yourself and your personal brand visible to the greatest number of people, who are interested in the things similar to what you represent or offer. This group of like-minded friends is called a Tribe. As with all things, the size of your tribe is directly proportional to your success.

An informative article in a recent eMarketer shows that Twitter followers are more likely to induce advocacy and future purchases than those on Facebook. According to their data, 37% of respondents were more likely to purchase from a brand after following them on Twitter as opposed to only 17% of those that “like” a brand on Facebook.

For further information, please see Tim Baker’s fine blog article, Why Twitter Followers are Better Than Facebook Fans.

Accordingly, I have used the tools out on the web that can identify and invite those like-minded authors publishers, bookstores and Publishing Houses, to take a look at my personal brand, and by extension, our book, Views from Sandhausen. I have worked aggressively to grow the number of Quality Twitter followers. I have only really focused on growing this little garden of followers over the last week. The chart at the top shows you how my little Twitter Tribe is growing. I am doing similar things on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Further, Walt at Five Rainbows sent me a PDF of the final, formatted book – for endorsement purposes. So far, I have sent it out to well over 150 celebrities and authors for their personal endorsement of the book. Several days ago I posted the first endorsement received. To date, I have 3 affirmatives, folks who have endorsed the book, or will do so. 10 of those won’t endorse due to “Policy Reasons”, and 13 emails or letters have ‘bounced’. That leaves many who might endorse. That’s goodness! I’m continuing to ‘work’ that field as my marketing efforts go forward.

I have the finalized ePub-formatted book on my hard drive and it looks Wonderful! Walt really outdid himself. He is working on the Kindle-formatted version right now, and I expect to have it in my hands later this week. As you have probably guessed, driven by financial constraints, Views from Sandhausen will be offered first as an eBook. This is not the path I would have chosen in a perfect world. I have been assured that releasing in electronic form first, is not a negative to Hard and Softcover sales. eBooks are supposed to be additive to your sales totals. We’ll see. The point is that the book will be released in a few days and it can (hopefully) start generating money for the rest of the process to continue.

And so, it is back to work, groping through the uncertain darkness, hoping to come out on the successful side of this endeavor.



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  2. This all rings true to me.

    We’re in the process of learning to “tweet” and building our “tribe” as well to garner some support for our book. We’d had a presence on Facebook for nearly a year, and a website, but within a week of focusing on our Twitter account, we’ve gotten double the number of followers than we have fans on our Facebook page.

    I hope the projections you’ve quoted here, where Twitter followers are more likely to purchase a product than Facebook fans, is right! We’ll see one day soon, hopefully!

    Best, KH

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