Today; A Public Service – Top 10 Scams of 2010

Today I am fully engaged in mining for followers.  This intense activity has netted me over a 100 new, Quality, Twitter followers – in less than one day!  I have a process, the process works, and I’m working the (free) process!

Also – BIG NEWS!  I received back from Walt at Five Rainbows the KINDLE version of Views from Sandhausen.  That means that I can begin the process of putting them up for sale on Amazon.

A side comment: Yes you will be able to own the book for a lower cost than its print form, if you buy the eBook version.  It will not be the same as reading and owning the softcover or hardcover version.  I think that this is true for anyone over the age of 18. These will be available within a month.

Our public service today is to provide you with a link the subject article.   It was posted by and it is certainly worth your time.  As soon as I see the corollary, Top Scams for 2011, I will post that as well.  Meanwhile, here are the predictions: Predictions for the Top 10 Scams of 2011

Some say, that there is a “Fool born every minute”; and that there is nothing new under the sun”.  Technology has enabled new approaches for scammers, and that is but one reason that our population needs to become technologically savvy.  Read the new 2010 Top Ten here: A Year of Scams

Photo Credit: Don Haskins


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