Working in the Back Room

Today’s activity, and indeed the activity for the next week or so (with sporadic work after), is to find and join blogs that pertain to our primary focus, i.e. make the world (and more importantly our niche) aware of our book Views from Sandhausen, and the many ways that our book can add value to our potential readers.  Of course, that extends to the site , our ‘sales’ site.  This site is not yet active as we have to work with Smart Author Sites to design a powerful and compelling website. 

USA Internet Backbone

USA Internet Backbone

I have sent out a number of invitations to potential memoir-authors, and well as a current PDF of the entire book.  I’m not in a position to put this version up on Amazon, Kindle or B&N eBook sites as the recover copy has black and white photographs within.  This is done so to not give the Impression that the final print versions of the book will include color photographs.  Printing the book with in color is horrifically expensive.  Of course, the final eBook versions will contain color photos.

I’m finding lots of opportunities within my niche (Foreign Service, Travel, Life in Europe, etc.) and am both subscribing to those blogs and subscribing to their authors on Twitter.  This activity has resulted in an enormous uptick in folks following me on Twitter, now at 305 and climbing rapidly.  Of course this building of my “Tribe” in the eWorld is nothing but goodness!

One person that I re-tripped across in my journey across the electrons is David Radin.  Dave was a salesman for a Computer Graphics System Company back in the late 1970’s and early ‘80’s, which I brought into My Fortune 100 Company.  His company was very small but they wrote great software, and great hardware on which it ran.  As a Manager of Design & Drafting Services for my company, I saw the value; I just had to convince the leaders of my company that even if it wasn’t IBM, it had worth and we needed to embrace it. We did, Dave’s company performed, and I was promoted.  Life was good!

Over the years we occasionally crossed paths, particularly after his first book Building a Successful Software Business was published.  He is now a very successful CEO at Just between Friends in Pittsburgh.  It was great to talk to him and we will work together going forward.

So, amongst news that they are shooting congresswomen in Arizona, I plod on, doing the work that I want to do and trusting that the future will take care of itself!



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