Endorsements Have Started to Come In

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As covered earlier, I’ve been sending out a PDF of Views from Sandhausen to editors, celebrities, selected friends and any other person from whom I have a “Tinkers Chance In He**” in receiving a positive review. 

The first review is in and I am eternally grateful to Becky, a recently published author of: PIP: A Very Special Little Caterpillar.

“Views from Sandhausen” is a fun, fast read, riddled with tidbits of humor and information.  Expats will relate easily to the Feightners experiences.  Tourists will find it informative and eye-opening.  It is culture shock blended nicely with the analytics of an engineer and the optimism and humor of a house wife.  Kudos to the Feightners for sharing their Views from Sandhausen!

R. L. Macri- Author and Illustrator


I continue to send our requests and am looking for a return rate of 10%.  I don’t think that is outrageous, and will have a direct impact on the book I purchase from the writers.  Ditto for movies, records and whether I vote for them in future elections!

That’s it for today.  Back to the Salt Mines

NOTE TO READERS: If you believe that you fit into the above group, please let me know.

2nd NOTE TO READERS: This is not intended to be a back-door to obtain the book for free, as the book to be published, and the eBook, are more than I am sending out :-).  If you DO write a positive review that I believe will help sell the book, there might be room for negotiation!


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