We are Finally Reaching Tangible Milestones

The last three days have been wonderful, in terms of our book.  On a personal/health front, things are not quite as good.  On the plus side, Walt at Five Rainbows sent me a final PDF of Views from Sandhausen for endorsement purposes.  Over the next month I will be sending out requests for book endorsements, sending LOTS of requests.  If I send out 100 and receive back 10 solid, positive endorsements, I’ll be thrilled.  Actually, if I have three great ones, my endorsement work is done.  So, let the brainstorming begin!

Milepost - Sandhausen North-South Trail

The challenge: come up with candidates, create a brilliant endorsement request letter, follow-up without being annoying, and put the compelling ones on the book’s back cover, and inside all three versions – on an endorsement page(s).

I have completed the ‘Brilliant’ endorsement letter; one for famous people and one for the press.  At the moment, I am scouring the web for likely endorsement blurbs, and sending on the appropriate letters.

That’s really it for today; I have work to do!


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