Following the precepts outlined in yesterday’s blog article Best Article on Creativity I’ve Read in Decades, I decided to take a nap and think about our book, within its genre, and within our niche.  During this time I was awake, but drowsy – and incredibly engaged!

Normally I write with CNN playing in the background, or listening to my now, large, library of music in iTunes – on my computer.  Silence is a good thing at times, like when you are immersed in a beautiful setting or place.  The birds are flying, the butterflies abound, and the mosquitoes threaten to carry you off.  When you are in a familiar place, and alone, silence can close in on you.  Without my Lynn, I am generally alone.  With that said, I should be the most creative person on the planet!

From the beginning of this journey, I’ve had a sense of our “target reader”.  In the very first post in this blog series, “Views from Sandhausen” Overview, I described our potential reader as:

  • Readers looking for a quick, emotional journey with many cheers and a few tears.
  • General readers who enjoy learning new ideas in a humorous, 1st and 2nd person presentation.
  • Expatriates serving or planning to serve overseas
  • Corporate organizations and personnel interested in the subject
  • International travelers
  • Readers interested in Europe

That has not changed.  What I had not thought a lot about was Genre and Niche.  Genre has to do with Library Science.  Niche has to do with Marketing and how a book relates to its subject content and as it relates to an audience that will have an interest in that content. 

In terms of Genre, there is a set list of genres into which all written work fits.  There is a set for Fiction as well as Non-Fiction.  This is done largely to catalog published work into a system similar to the Dewey Decimal System of our old library days.  This system is international and is detailed on many sites.  Book Genres are commonly accepted categories, and our book, Views from Sandhausen fits into the “BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY”.  It is further sub-categorized into “Personal Memoirs”.

OK, so I know my audience; the question is how to focus on marketing to a niche? 

Epiphany Occurs (little time passes)

One of our niches will be folks who are on Foreign Service Assignments, who will be on Foreign Service Assignments, companies who will send their associates on Foreign Service Assignments, businesses who service folks on Foreign Service Assignments, ands folks who need reasons to allow them to avoid Foreign Service Assignments.  Clearly, I need other niches, but this gives me a darn good start!

All people and firms, who sell things: books, services, and other generators of money (for those selling), strive to get on the first page of Google, when their niche is entered into the Search Box.  The primary way to do this is through something called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  This topic will be the subject of a future blog post.  Today, when I entered ‘foreign service assignment’ AND ‘blog’, either www.ViewsfromSandhausen.com or http://FlaAuthor.WordPress.com were the top three entries listed by Google.  We are off to a good start!



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