New Year’s Ramblings

Heart-shaped Island, Taiwan

The end of this miserable year is finally upon us.  My delightful grandchildren were with Erik and me for the past (almost) two weeks and the time really flew!  Now we are in the useless week between the holidays, with my birthday falling in the middle of it.  I received two cards in the mail; I received over 50 greetings via email from all over the world!  That outpouring of affection was really warming.  I sent almost 50 Christmas cards and received 26 by mail.  There will be a serious adjustment of my card list for next year.  Hallmark better not pull a Barns & Noble, and accelerate their diversification away from paper cards.  Let the post office go broke.  All I get from them is bills and ads that I don’t want!

For the last two weeks it has been cold and miserable; neatly coinciding with my grandchildren’s visit.  Today it will be 77, and all week it will be over 75.  How was that link forged and will we ever be able to ensure nice weather for our friends Florida visits?

I did two good thing this year; I quit smoking.  It has been 157 days and I never looked back!  I also bought an Apple iPhone.  What an organizing and information asset that has been!

I am not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions.  I consider them empty promises of the moment that gives one short-term gratification.  What is not done immediately will be lost on the pile of good intentions.   I do have several focus areas that I will be working on.  Here is my Top 10:

  1. Get Views from Sandhausen on the market, and market it to the best of my ability and resources.  Unfortunately, my abilities exceed my resources.
  2. Which brings us to increasing my resources; I have been assiduously looking for a local position for years now.  Now that the economy seems to have bottomed out, I have all of my resumes and job boards updated.  One can only hope that there is someone out there that will give a 65 year-old man a break.
  3. Meanwhile, work on my writing and see if I can make any more money from that, than I am now.
  4. My bills are in a position that I can see the end of the tunnel.  Climbing out from under this mountain of medical debt has been a major challenge.
  5. Once that is done, get out of Erik’s home, so that he and Teresa can establish a life together.  What we have now is good; both he and I know that it can be better.
  6. Keep pushing myself to go out, to the extent that my resources allow.
  7. Make more friends, particularly of the female persuasion.  I really need to do that as I’ve (shortsightedly) moved away from all of my friends.
  8. Take better care of myself.  I really let down after Lynn’s passing, losing 35 pounds and a lot of muscle mass.  I purchased a bike with Coke Reward points and I need to spend more time on it – once the weather gets better.
  9. Stay active, intellectually engaged, and get a little healthier.
  10. Add more worthy endeavors as they appear, and live what is left of my life, to the fullest!

Happy New Year everyone!



2 responses to “New Year’s Ramblings

  1. Dear Buddy,
    I wish you a much happier New Year!! It’s been an awful past year but you really should look forward and start to enjoy life again. Is the book available yet?

    We will get together, I promise…just have to get past this year. Paul is working so much…I hardly see him.

    There have been 3 deaths this past week that really touched us…not nice this time of year.
    Love you,

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