A Thank You to my Dear Friend Deb

Things to contemplate_G2As many of you know I’ve been struggling with the Holidays this year.  While I am sure that we all will have a wonderful time, and laughter will fill the air, it’s been tough.  The one thing that I am very happy for is that my two Grandchildren Connor and Kialy will be here for 11 glorious days.  While I don’t have much to share this year, I will share all that I can.

I’ve made a few new friends this year; some who have become close to me and some with whom we have agreed to keep things casual.  One of my closer friends lives quite a distance from me, in Lake Mary, FL.  We communicate daily and share experiences when we can; we have met once by each of us driving halfway. 

Clermont, FL Sunset

Mind you, halfway between Homosassa and Lake Mary is Clermont Florida, and  its wonderful Lake Winona.  It’s not much to talk about and is small town Florida morphing into every other modern city.  They do have beautiful sunsets though!

My friend Deb in Lake Mary sent me a very thoughtful e-mail.  You know the type; a string of 20 or so photos stacked one on top of another, whisking you down a thought trail that, hopefully, makes a difference in your life.  This particular email DID make a difference in mine.  I’ve converted the data to a PowerPoint Slide Show that I only hope that I can imbed into this blog.  If not I spent a lot of time creating a show for one (or perhaps more). 

A configuration issue with WordPress requires you to single click the link below and then ‘Play’ The slide show as a slide show.  I have no idea why it will not auto-start.

Without further Adieu

Things to contemplate_G2S




2 responses to “A Thank You to my Dear Friend Deb

  1. Cliff; Who is your publisher? Since my book published last month I have heard little from AuthorHouse. It’s pay to play time. Happy New Year!!! Regards; Jim Blaha

    • Jim,

      My publisher is FlaAuthor Publishing, LLC (me)
      My Designer is Walt Shiel at Five Rainbows.
      My editor is Matt Jacob at Edit Me Fast.
      My printer/distributor is Ligntning Source

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