Baby it’s Cold Outside: A Call to Action

I sat down this morning to write a blog article about this weird weather and the effect that it is having on our country (and Europe).  I didn’t get very far when the thought came that this could be an article for  I hadn’t been there for almost a month because they asked me for changes to two articles that I had written, and I didn’t like it.  I am not usually petulant but this could be a result of the way this holiday season is affecting me.  Not Good.  Time Passes…….

Well, I am coming to grips with the reality of it and trying to move on.  I received a humorous e-mail from a dear friend, Deb D……  It really affected me in a positive way.  after I am done here I am going to see what I can do to post it in another blog post.  So, with that background, let us move on to our Call to Action.


I just received a text from my book (Views from Sandhausen) designer Walt Shiel about the conditions in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  While it is 10 degrees below zero there, he says that it is beautiful, with bright sunshine and sparkling snow.  I have no doubt that the snow is sparkling!  Here in Homosassa Florida, we are in the upper twenties, the strawberry and orange farmers have been up for the second night in a row (spraying their crops with water to keep the fruit from freezing) and we had to lower all the blinds in the house.

 Current Conditions

Our beautiful home has its entire North side covered in windows that overlook the pool and the golf course.  The photo is my view as I write.  While this is wonderful ten months a year, during the depths of winter, it is a problem.  We have a great heating system but, due to the heat loss through the (single-pane) windows, we can’t set the thermostat above 73 degrees, or it runs continuously.  Given that it is electric, this is not good.  So, I’m sitting here at my trusty keyboard, in a t-shirt, flannel shirt and spring jacket.  Heavy fleece pants and socks finish the ensemble.  Inside it hasn’t been warmer than 65.5 yesterday or today.  By the miracle of Florida, the weather wizards promise 75 by tomorrow afternoon.  Florida is one of the few locations that can drive you to change from Heating to Cooling in a 24 hour period.

 For the balance of the article please follow this link (and click on all the advertisments (one per ad) too.  An early Christmas present to me 🙂


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