What comes after “I Think I’ll Write a Book”?

The typeset Views from Sandhausen is back!  Over the weekend Walt at Five Rainbows sent back the PDF of our Views from Sandhausen manuscript.  Finally, I have the entire manuscript in my hands!!!   It looks terrific!  I wanted him to format the pages such that they would suggest their email genesis.  He did a wonderful job in that effort; technically Brilliant!  The PDF is 302 pages long including front and back matter, and the reader page count is 286.  Now the Important work begins!

The next stage is for me to review the manuscript for the last time.  It is vital that any typos or mistakes are picked-up and corrected.  Between me, Matt Jacob, and Walt Shiel, this manuscript has been read more than a dozen times, both electronically and on paper – in the singular quest to discover and correct errors. I even read the manuscript backwards as this is the most successful means of discovering typos that generally are not picked up by any other means.  Of course, I printed it out from the final PDF and the first thing that I saw was an error!  RATS!!.  This discovery was not exactly confidence inspiring.

I spent the weekend learning online.  One of the best articles that I found was written by Joel Friedlander on his incredibly important blog, “The Book Designer”.  I have taken the liberty to paste a bit below (the full post can be found by following the link):

The Hidden Difference between Self-Publishers

…. Why education? When you sat down to write your book you probably knew nothing about publishing, distribution, marketing, promotion and sales.

You may not have even intended to publish the book yourself, but had thought of getting a contract from a traditional publisher (or in my case, using the Publish on Demand (POD) model).

At some point in the journey from writer to self-published author, everyone has to come to the realization that they are starting a publishing business.

 I am making a BIG deal of this because it should be the automatic second thought that all people have, right after “I Think I’ll Write a Book”

Unfortunately, this is not the case and today’s subject attempts to make a small contribution in that effort.  Given the potential loss of control of your book, and the horrible beating that you take from the POD publisher and the difficulty of getting your work out into the common market via traditional means, going your own way is implicit, just as writing your story was.

I’ve accomplished my mission for today – getting this word out.  For any of you that honor me by reading this rant, please tweet it out to a larger audience.  Secondly, retweet until Twitter comes to its knees.  IF aspiring writers out there are not ready to become their own publisher, they choose from many evils.  Is there good news?  Set yourself up as a micro-publisher.  It is not difficult and you have already climbed the mountain of learning.

Now, back to my proofreading!



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  2. Sounds wonderful What an amazing Christmas present…Merry Christmas

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