Views from Sandhausen, Chapter One

While in the process of writing a Christmas note to all of our overseas friends, it occurred to me that I have a proof of Chapter One from Views from Sandhausen.  It is mine and is in its final format. Why not put it on the blog.  Without further adieu, here is Chapter One. Chapter_1.

Additionally, I have my 2010 Christmas letter completed, and sent out to all of my domestic friends and family.  I sent it to our overseas friends, in the above mentioned note.  Here it is for anyone that I have missed.  Christmas 2010 Letter

On the book front, the research and learning continues.  I learn so much from my online friends and fellow author bloggers.  For really worthwhile information that has the potential to impact and improve my personal efforts, I capture the information and convert it into a MS Word document.  I just did a search; I’ve written 742 of those documents this year!

Today is sunny and cool, currently 65 degrees in the Lanai.  We have been below freezing for the last three nights and the terrorist on TV tells it is about to get colder.  God, I hate winter!  I’ve been dealing with my sinuses for the last month.  It can’t be pine pollen; my usual nemesis.  Perhaps the cold will chase the culprit away.

For me, Christmas is nearly finished.  I can’t afford to do any more shopping; I do have a little wrapping to do.  The cards are out, and I only have to re-send one due to a bad address.  Now I’m waiting to “feel the Love”, whilst listening to Dave Brubeck and his wonderful piece, Take Five.

Well, time to get back to work; even on a Sunday I put in at least eight hours.  Erik is off on a business trip this coming week; that should give me more time to really dig in.

Love each other and stay warm!



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