Missing in Action

I’ve been missing in action from my blog for about a week or so.  I haven’t been generating output because I’ve been focused on gaining input from the huge publishing world around.  I’ve been active on LinkedIn writing blogs as well as on Facebook groups.  My silence barrier was broken today because of a really great post by Jody Hedlund on her blog in a post titled:  3 Mistakes Writers Make in the Quest for Publication

 In her post she outlines the significant pitfalls to be:

  1. Failing to do proper Research
  2. Having Wrong Expectations
  3. Giving up Too Soon

 I couldn’t agree with her more.  I urge you to read the post as that generally describes what I have been doing.   I dove into Views from Sandhausen by doing exactly the wrong thing, first.  I did not go through the analysis process that she describes.  I started with my keyboard, collecting the work we did in Germany and crafting it into what (my uneducated eye) I perceived that I should be doing.  As they say, Fools Rush In. 

As I’ve previously stated, my writing buddies on LinkedIn.com (now) closed writing group:  Book Writing, Self Publishing, and Marketing for Business People stopped me in time to save me from not making a significant mistake. 

Part of learning is to teach as well.  I posted this morning to try to return the favor Carol White and others did for me, as follows:

Cliff Feightner • Kay,

As you have read, there is significant pushback from this group about going with an outfit like AuthorHouse, iUniverse etc. Their bias is from a well founded fear that you give up your rights and flexibility – particularly in the case where your book takes off.

Your book will only take off if all the stars are aligned. You know the stars; Great story, editing, design, platform, distribution, and ongoing marketing. If others (who hold the ISBN) do that for you, it is like leasing a home (ISBN) without the rights to enter several rooms (set your prices) and not use the pool (take your book elsewhere); and you can’t correct the situation because you LEASED the home.

I started (haven’t had my coffee yet) down that road and send my $2,000 to AuthorHouse. I commissioned my own developmental editing and I was ready to send the files to AH (literally). This group and Carol stopped me. The reasons are in the history of this thread. I convinced AH that they really didn’t want to mess with me, and sent my money back. Using the Ross/Collier book “The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing” and my extraordinary Designer, Walt Shiel of Five Rainbows, I have my own Publishing company ‘FlaAuthor Publishing, LLC’ and our second book Views from Sandhausen is moving down the pipeline smoothly. Platform development is ongoing, and you can follow my progress on my blog ‘FlaAuthor.wordpress.com’. I am the captain of my own ship; setting up my accounts with Lightening Source, and moving forward. I am doing all of this on a shoestring budget and giving it a couple of hours a day.

You will have to do your own promotion whether you go with a POD or do it yourself. A POD Will Not sell your book for you. It is not in their best interest to do so; it is in Your best interest to do so.!

I am a scientist and Civil Engineer by education. I am also a global program manager and Certified Computer Professional by career. I have written all of my life but mostly technical articles and papers. I have spoken professionally to the largest technical groups around the world and am multi-lingual. That is about as far from an author and publisher as you can get.

Kay, this can be done; this can be done by You. If you have a fire in your belly and want to make your book(s) as successful as possible – do it yourself (with the help of your friends here). You will not encounter a situation that cannot be answered by this august group, in a matter of minutes. YOU can do this! Get on with it and you will NEVER regret your decision. I certainly don’t!

On the Views from Sandhausen front, Walt at Five Rainbows continues to polish the interior into just exactly what we agreed would be a compelling read.  By his questions and by a Twitter post yesterday, I have the feeling that I will have a galley proof to review soon.   

On a personal front, it is COLD down here in Homosassa, Florida.  My car was frost-covered the last two mornings and this AM the frost was thick.  I’m too old for this cold!  I have socks on for the first time since Lynn’s Memorial Service!

For any readers to whom I sent a Christmas card to, take a look at the return address label.  The cover from Views is on it.

Stay warm and Love One Another


PS: For those who are not certain if your eyes are going bad, do not worry: WordPress has introduced a “Snow” feature that will rain down upon my humble blog until January.  Enjoy


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