Step by Step Self-Publishing: The Learning Revolution

Speed of Light

This journey to self-publish a book is incredibly fascinating.  I’m old enough to remember what the process of learning something used to entail.  You went to a location where someone taught you, over a period of weeks or years, the subject matter that you were interested in.  You communicated with your fellow students by phone, in person, or through written communication – to compare notes, study, or to be, or receive subject assistance.  It took a long time, sometimes a lifetime.  That really limited individual potential.   If you were aggressive enough, you might be able to fit two careers into a lifetime.  Fast-forward to today, at Light Speed.

Today, you get on the internet to find traditional learning opportunities or to really use the technology to leverage the Internet as your channel of learning. 

 To read the full post please follow this link:

My suite101 freelance writing article.


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