Looks like Winter is Coming

This weekend marked the arrival of some really cold air (low 40’s) and the grass and our cars were covered with frost as we walked out the get the paper.  Our Florida home, 4 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, and halfway down the peninsula, is covered with windows.  Alas, they are not thermal windows and we lose a lot of heat through them.  Being bachelors, my son Erik and I, we don’t have a lot of patience for curtains and blinds.  Consequently we can turn the heat up farther than 72 degrees, or the furnace (an electric beast which consumes prodigious amounts of power) runs constantly.  That will never do.  We wear lots of clothes and stay warm the old-fashioned way.

As you know, this blog has been up for a couple of months and isn’t really performing as I would like.  I am averaging 18 hits per day and that number is steadily climbing; I want it to climb by an order of magnitude better.  When I first built the blog on WordPress I did so with no training and no guidance.  I used the (dated) knowledge that I had back in 1991, when a very few of us put Goodyear on the Internet map, and registered www.Goodyear.com .  That was light years ago.  I bought WordPress for Dummies book and it is high time that I opened it and actually learned something!  So, while my designer, Walt at Five Rainbows slaves away on our Views from Sandhausen cover, I’ve gone back to ‘school’ to get those page views up to where they need to be when the book comes out! 

It’s either burn the book for heat or learn from it.



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