Starting to be Noticed

Work continues on Views from Sandhausen.  I received many cover improvement suggestions from all of you and I am grateful.  I passed them by my designer, Walt, and we have included some of them.  You will have to wait for the book to know which have been added.  I also received input on the way the back text is ordered.  I’m wrestling with that.  The dilemma is that my first pass was to write it as it happened.  The propose change is to order it to be more compelling; to draw the proposed reader in, to looking further and potentially purchase.  Fortunately I don’t need to finalize this text immediately.  I’m sure I will decide prior to its being needed by Five Rainbows.

This weekend I have focused much of my energy on interacting with other authors via numerous groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  When asked, I’ve left opinions, and have been involved in some wonderful discussions on Writing and Publishing.  There is a wealth of information, and many wonderful and helpful people out there and if you know how to effectively issue an internet query, you could stay busy the rest of your life.

A by-product of this activity is that I’m beginning to get noticed.  Many are asking my opinion of this (rookie) author, and I’ve been asked by one budding author to publish her book for her.  When I set up the business entity, FlaAuthor Publishing, LLC, to manage the ‘business’ of Views from Sandhausen, I did so with a view to eventually do this.  I had no idea that it would happen so soon.

I’ve also been invited to join the team at, as a freelance writer.  I’ve found that in order to survive, and even prosper, in retirement the key is to set up multiple sources of income.  That is what I’m doing and, if successful, I’ll consider myself successful.  That means Successful in my career as an Information Technology Professional, and successful as Publisher/Author. 

One last event this past week was that I met a friend up at Cody’s (favorite watering hole) Roadhouse. 

He is a lawyer who has enjoyed a very successful career.  He suffered a heart attack a little more than a year ago, has recovered amazingly well, and wants to hit the streets again.  He has asked me to help with his current office computer infrastructure through organization, consolidation and process improvement.  Further, he is expanding his offices in Crystal River and wants me to design and optimize that addition with his current offices – IT-wise for now.  I spent some time with him on Monday and as he progresses with all of that, join him at the appropriate time.  Sounds like fun!

Have a great week everyone,



2 responses to “Starting to be Noticed

  1. Sounds like your week has started off very well…
    One of the reason I think you will do so well as publishing house…(I have 4 unsigned contracts sitting here.).too many red flags with them…as you well know…
    a new fresh look with a person with passion is what was needed: not the gravey chain bunch out there.
    My hopes, you will turn this business into a very real form of publishing for new authors..New author have very few aves to follow. They are stuck depending on the publishing houses that promise everything and only line their pockets…they will publish any works good or bad..The little in which I have had the pleasure of knowing you..I believe you can make real dreams come true. Honest, heartfelt, ideas in print that mean something special..this is new market…

  2. Your website looks great. You have some writing skills. I get paid $10-$50 per blog comment I put together. It is a great way to bring in some extra money in todays economy. The company I work for has quite a few openings if you are interested.

    Bloggers Wanted

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