The Case has gone to the Jury (and it is YOU)

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I took the day off and went to a movie.  The first honest to goodness movie theater movie I have been to since I lost Lynn.  I saw Social Contract – really the story behind Facebook, and it was wonderful!  I could closely identify with Mark Zuckerberg and that made it all the sweeter!  I can’t say I wholeheartedly approve of his methods, and the personality is off – but there was a link.  I urge you all to go see it!

I have received back a preliminary cover design for Views from Sandhausen.  I sent out a PDF version to my closer friends who have been with me all the way.  Now I am releasing it to you, the viewers of this blog (there Are viewers, aren’t there)

I would like feedback from you, not platitudes but honest hard-hitting feedback.  It should include the back cover text as well as the front cover rendering.    What I really want to hear is what you don’t like, what you would change if it were your book, and any thoughts that you might have.  I have my own opinions which I’ll reserve until I received your feedback.  Don’t just consider it as you might hold it.  Also consider it on a shelf 15 feet away from you.  Also consider the cover as a 1” tall thumbnail on Amazon (where it will be).

Try to get back to me on (by) anytime Monday and Happy Halloween to All!

Thanks very much



4 responses to “The Case has gone to the Jury (and it is YOU)

  1. I just wondered if you stand back and look at the front cover from five feet away… looks like a column right down the center and did you “want” it to look that way? I would love to see the “Views” title to be spread across the top in a couple of lines instead of the column down the center front. It seems like the software you used wouldn’t let you do it. Anyway, I thought I would be honest. However, I loved the back text! I especially liked the pic of the two of you. Is it possible to offset the columnar writing with a pic in the upper left corner or something like that? Like it alot.

  2. Margaret Anfinson

    I really d0 like the back cover of the book the way it is. The only thing I really don’t care for is that the fountain is not centered between the homes and part of it is cut off. (I am assuming the fountain is the focal point). And that makes the Title look off center also. I also think “from” should be in the middle of “Views” and “Sandhausen”. Not just straight up and down in a row.Those are my opinions anyway, and you know what opinions are like.(LOL) I can’t wait to read the story!

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