102410 – Sunday Ramblings

 Just to provide you with an update, Five Rainbows continues to work on the Views from Sandhausen cover and interior design.  I’m on hold with the website design; waiting for the cover design to be finalized.  I’m currently working on the Publishing business entity that will offer this book, and perhaps others, to the public.  Studying the Complete Guide to Self-Publishing is also a priority.  I’m also following the posts of my fellow authors on LinkedIn and gathering information from their posts and websites.  All of this is just fine, and necessary, but I’d rather just work on my project, instead of others doing it for me.

An interesting letter arrived yesterday, with a news clipping.  Erik and I worked very hard finding the ‘right’ funeral home for Lynn.  We settled on the Trinity Funeral Home in Trinity – the little berg situated down the road from where we lived in Odessa.  The somewhat self-serving letter with  article attached,  announced that the family of the recently deceased George Steinbrenner chose Trinity for his service, and that George is interred in a vault in their cemetery.  I found this quite interesting.  It is no doubt that the good words we said about their operation influenced their decision!

Not being content to just sit back today and not write something that moves our project forward, I wrote a Views from Sandhausen page on my Facebook account (see the NOTES tab).  Facebook doesn’t do a very good job within the ‘Facebook World” to tell you how to do this, but a simple Google search provided me with what I needed.  It is a work in progress and I’ll add to it and refine it as time goes by.

The priority for tomorrow will be to dig into my WordPress for Dummies book and find out how to really manipulate this blog and its contents.  To date, my efforts have been to do what I could intuitively; time to read the manual!



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