Reorganize Views from Sandhausen

As most of you will remember, Views from Sandhausen is organized by date.  While this is logical for emails, it is bad for books.  Books need indexes.  In fact after potential readers look at the cover and the back of the book, their shoppers eye generally takes them to the book’s index.  Well a list of View numbers and dates is not the most compelling sales tool.  I have to reparse the book!  Rats!

That meant I had to print our all 236 pages (current length without photos), and reread the story (not that I mind) and try to group about every ten Views into 10-12 chapters.  Not just chapters, mind you, but Compelling chapters; chapters that capture the logical essence of those grouped Views.  I want chapter names that grab the potential purchaser by the shirt and say Buy Me!!  

Here is my current thinking on the books organization.  I would appreciate any feedback that you might want to offer:

 Views from Sandhausen

Table of Contents




Chapter One – Welcome to Europe!

Chapter Two –Oktoberfest Arrives!

Chapter Three – Do you like to Gamble?

Chapter Four – Let’s Install Windows in November

Chapter Five – Daily Life in Germany

Chapter Six – Spargel Season

Chapter Seven – Year Two Dawns

Chapter Eight – Lobsterfest in November

Chapter Nine – Father’s Day on the French Rivera

Chapter Ten – Bavaria Redux

Chapter Eleven – Tying up Loose Ends

About the Authors

 My designer, Five Rainbows, sent me three possible cover designs along with two sheets of potential cover fonts.  I believe that this is a preliminary drop to get a general idea of what style I prefer.  I do prefer one of those designs more than the other.  I sent back my opinion as to cover and font.  I’m deliberately not including my choice as I view it as a work in process.

 I continue to receive offers of assistance (mostly with a fee) for a number of ancillary activities that need to be done.  Some include: Search Engine Optimization, website design, linking strategies, etc.  Once you dig through the haze to distill out the nuggets, it is time to assess options, effort, and budget. 

 The beat goes on…



2 responses to “Reorganize Views from Sandhausen

  1. hello I was luck to discover your website in yahoo
    your topic is exceptional
    I learn a lot in your website really thanks very much
    btw the theme of you site is really fine
    where can find it

  2. BET365,
    Thank you for your kind words. The book will be out just after the new year! The theme is a generic wordpress theme. The header graphic picture is one I took in Innsbruck, Austria.

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