The Word of the Day is Leverage.

Breaking News

My designer, Walt Shiel, sent me three cover proposals for Views from Sandhausen.  I am quite partial to one of the designs and posed a few questions regarding how/why it was done.  Walt’s feedback is logically sound, and he continues his work.  I’m starting to get Really pumped up about this, now that I have an image in my hands that looks like a ‘real’ book cover!

Yesterday I printed out the entire manuscript and began the promise of breaking the book into chapters, as opposed to the chronological arrangement that it is currently in.  The book doesn’t change and the chronology remains; I’m just creating groups of content labeled by the main activities in those particular groups of dates.  This is a big job, but it needs to be done as we need a compelling index for the book.   A compelling index is needed as potential purchasers look at the index, right after they read the back cover, in their decision process that determines if they want to purchase.

Social Networking

This morning I spent a little time ‘tidying up’ my social network presence.  When I looked at LinkedIn, I realized that with 230 connections, I am linked (three degrees away) to roughly 7% of all of the 80,000,000+ LinkedIn users in the world. All of these connections are my friends and associates.  Unlike some LinkedIn users, there are no strangers.  I know each and every one (except Barack Obama).  My ‘Friends of Friends’ (Two degrees away) count is 106,900.  I don’t know (now) how to leverage that fact vis-a-vis Views from Sandhausen and its marketing, but I will find a way.  Relax, I won’t spam you or sell your contact information (G).

Statistics for these connections are interesting.  For instance:

Here you see statistics about my network, including how many users I can reach through your connections. MY network grows every time I add a connection.

My connections are in 49 industries but my network gives me access to 147 additional industries, including:

My connections are in 70 locations but my network gives me access to 1,065 additional locations, including:

The fastest growing industries in my network:

  1. Marketing and Advertising
  2. Writing and Editing
  3. Information Technology and Services

Industry Access Top industries in my network:

1. Information Technology and Services


2. Computer Software


3. Staffing and Recruiting


4. Management Consulting


5. Financial Services


My industry is: Publishing

Regional Access Top locations in your network:

1. Greater New York City Area


2. San Francisco Bay Area


3. Greater Chicago Area


4. Greater Atlanta Area


5. Greater Boston Area


 My region: Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area

As you know, my career started in Engineering, evolved to technical project management, and is now as an author and independent publisher. I was one of the rare birds; staying with one company for 38 years, first in the United States and finally, Germany.  Even so there has been a significant shift in my work focus.

It just underscores that it is Vital for today’s students to obtain a wide range of skills. In addition to your focus on your main field of study, you need to be a generalist.  It also tells the rest of us that we must continue our learning throughout our lives.  It is so true that if you don’t learn something new every day, that day is a failure.  And then you say, “I don’t have an opportunity to learn something new every day.  I work and/or am cooped up in the house!”  I say to that, “find a way: read a book, talk to your neighbors, take a different path to work, read the newspaper, or try a new recipe.”  Learn something new daily!

Well, enough of that!  It’s off to Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Zing and all my other networks.  The word of the day today is Leverage.


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