Blog Design Comments – Matt Jacob, “Edit me FAST”

I think the picture header really catches the visitor’s eye, and the overall layout is user-friendly. Plus you have descriptive and informative posts that give the visitor a view, if you will, into the editing, publication and marketing processes. And I just love the My Posts section where you can hover over the date and get a preview of the post before you jump down to it. The basic color scheme also really works with the dark outline of the picture. By no means am I an expert in design or blogging, but it certainly caught my eye (and is backed by substance in the posts).” (NOTE: I said that I thought it was pedestrian). “ It might be pedestrian in the sense that the layout is fairly straightforward, but I can assure you (from personal experience) that for some people, making a design ‘straightforward’ and effective can be very difficult. Just my opinion.


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