Back to Work

 Monday my book designer, Walt Shiel at Five Rainbows and I began focused activities on designing Views from Sandhausen.  He is doing the Designing and I am doing the Learning.

Bright and early on Monday he sent me Lesson One in the journey of mastering Self-Publishing.  His business, in the past, offered a stand-alone offering of mentoring in the Self-Publish sphere.  It was not purchased at a rate that justified the work involved in maintaining its currency.   I told him that I really would like it as part of the Design package that I purchased from Five Rainbows.  He agreed to provide a subset of the Self-Publishing Mentoring program as a part of my package.  Failing that compromise, I’m not so sure that I would be following this self-publishing path, at this time.  OK – Time to get to work.

I’ve upped my blogging frequency as I am finding it easier and easier for (cogent) words to flow from these feeble fingers.  I also need to keep them busy, as I take breaks from reading and absorbing The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing.  Once again, a foundational book if you are serious about this Independent Publisher thing.

I have lots of things to do and purchase to move the process forward.  Some are dependent on the book design, like the website design, and some are needed to build a corporate base under this entire activity.  This is the third business that I have registered with the State of Florida; it is the first of those three that I have confidence that will thrive.  Why?  I am not dependent on customers spending major money to buy my offering.  Also, I do not believe that this effort will be so affected by this horrendous recession/depression/slow-down, or whatever you want to call the disastrous business downturn that has been the most crippling enemy of small business and free enterprise that I have seen in my lifetime.

So, with a determined outlook and a limited purse, I’m charging forward (Dow down 186 as I type).  We all must leverage every little bit of ‘edge’ that we may have, and be more creative than ever.  I can do that!



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