Anyone can be Published and E-book Technologies: Their Impact on Information Provision

 I know that I said that I was taking the weekend off, away from Views from Sandhausen.  I went to Zephyrhills (Yes Virginia, there IS such a place) to enjoy a beautiful day and spend time with a friend.  The day was charming and quite cathartic!

Credit: City of Zephyrhills

So, here is Sunday, my morning shows are on TV and my mind is restless.  When that occurs it is back to my window on the digital world, to look for something interesting. 

I ran across a wonderful post by Piotr Kowalczyk, posting from Poland.  There are two elements of interest in this link   and I urge you to take the six minutes that it will take to view and learn.  You do need to learn something every day to ensure that you continue to grow and a person!

The first point of interest, and the least interesting, is the technology behind the piece.  It is done in a software application called Prezi.  This quantum leap beyond traditional MS PowerPoint is nothing less than stunning. Prezi was born in Budapest in 2007, because the creators felt that slides limited their ability to develop and explain ideas. Prezi was their response to solve these issues. Prezi officially launched in April 2009 from Budapest.

 It employs unique pan, and zoom technologies to view, and thought-centering concepts that focus the audience to the essential immediate concept, rather than have them not be focused on the key idea.  This occurs with PowerPoint as your eyes tend to look at all the information on a slide at once.  You do this naturally in PowerPoint because of attention boredom.  Prezis employs motion to keep your mind engaged and focused on the key thought.  It is a PowerPoint alternative and I wish I had it when I was making presentations for a living at Goodyear!

The more interesting concept was the content being presented by Piotr, that being how current and future technologies are enabling the man on the street to gather, document, publish and distribute their ideas worldwide.  Further, these technologies allow us to have these thoughts in a number of flexible containers, from personal blogs, through the three major formats of books, to audio books, and contained in a variety of presentation choices – both physical and electronic.  The new Kindle platform allows you to start reading a Kindle book on your PC, then to go portable and not only have it on those various platforms, but to open that same book on your Smartphone of tablet reading device – to the same page that you left off on your PC.  This is just stunning progress in the state of the science and has occurred in the last 730 DAYS! 

Imagine where we will be in Ten Years!

Now the publisher and literary agent’s dilemmas – they are DINOSAURS and even though they didn’t know it, INTEL ensured their death with the birth of the 4004 microprocessor in 1971.  That doesn’t mean that the hardcover book is dead; far from it for probably two generations (ours and our children’s) physical books will continue to thrive.  Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg can rest easy on that fact.  It does mean, as you will see from Piotr’s presentation above, everybody between the entity that initiates the original thought (author) and the consumer of that information (reader) had better keep their resumes fresh and available. 

Safe for the time being is the book designer.  Presenting the original thought in an interesting and appealing manner is within their purview, and will be for the foreseeable future.  They also serve as the author’s agent to attract the reader to the author’s work.  With over 1,000,000 books published each year, and over 50,000 of those are published in the United States, it is the Designer’s job to attract the choices-rich reader to HIS/HER author’s book!
Between the full-service design firm and the author-friendly Print on Demand and their links to distribution, there is no reason why anyone that can write and has an interesting story to tell, cannot see their ideas in print in a very short period of time.

Today, anyone can be an author.  It is incumbent upon all of us who are starting, or do, understand this process to get the word out – Let your Story Out!  Just let your ideas flow and get them to your (potentially) rabid audience.  There are so many rich thoughts and ideas within all of us.  What a wonderful and more enlightened world this would be if people would only understand that their thoughts can be freed from our grey matter, and to see the light of day. 

This can be done in an affordable manner, relatively quickly, and with much less technical expertise that you might expect.  The CRITICAL issue, and there are friends online to help with this, is to pick the right companion to move you through the process.  I very nearly made a fatal mistake and my friends’ online were my sheppard through that jungle.  I will be more than glad to help others with this decision.  This paragraph will be the subject of a future post by me.  For a Sunday, I’ve prattled on long enough.  Have a Great Sunday everyone!


Photo Credit: City of Zephyrhills (


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