Back on Track


Bridge to Success

Today and yesterday were good days to be a part of the Views from Sandhausen project!  Walt Shiel (at Five Rainbows Services) and  I have agreed to a contract, signed same, and he starts with the cover design on Monday.  He also starts mentoring this simple soul to ensure that I don’t make any rookie mistakes.  I liken it to not falling off the rickety bridge to success.   

 He is charging me about the same that I would have paid AuthorHouse, but I OWN everything and I have infinite flexibility, in terms of what I do in the future.  Lastly, the conventional wisdom is that I will have a product that is of significantly higher quality and richness!

The, first stage is to design the cover, spine, and back cover.  I really live in the sticks; I had to journey 43 miles to get to a bookstore!  Wow.  No wonder Amazon and Walmart rule the world!  I spent about three hours at two different stores, looking at all aspects of a book’s design; the output was a number of photos that I took on my iPhone, and transmitted to Walt.  Along with the original design work I did, and the ideas Becky (PIP: A Very Special Little Caterpillar) suggested, I think he has some sense of direction.  By the way, PIP is doing extremely well and is producing rave reviews, in its second week of availability!  Walt intends to read Views the book as well (maybe I can get a book review?).  I just KNOW this is going to be great.

I believe that I have a weekend off!  I’ll be working my way through my Guide to Self-Publishing and I have a date tomorrow for lunch!  One can only hope that brighter days are ahead of me.

A Very Happy Sweetest Day to all of you out there.  I’ve send out greetings to those that matter to me (Ladies Only) and trust that all of you men will take your special someone out!  There will be more later next week!



One response to “Back on Track

  1. I am thrilled to hear that you are back on the happy-train where you belong and seeing things from a different “View”. The legacy of you and Lynn awaits…congratulations and enjoy the journey.
    Happy Sweetest Day.

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