Back to School: The Waiting Game

Headline for today: AuthorHouse returned all the money that I paid them for their services, promptly and in full!  I have no argument with that firm; it just isn’t feasible for me to do business with them on their terms.

Our project: Views from Sandhausen: Experiences from a Foreign Service Assignment, continues to twist and turn on the road to becoming a Best Seller.

After I spent more time trolling the sources of publishing out there, the seminal book The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing arrived.  Well isn’t this a 555 page tomb of knowledge!   Wow! My forecast of reading it cover to cover was a little premature; you can’t do it.  What you can do is to scan it for a sense of content and place, and dive in for a deeper look no matter where you are in the process.  What an outstanding reference!  No wonder it is in its fifth printing!  So, it is back to school for me!

After a bit of misunderstanding, caused by me, I believe that Walt Shiel at Five Rainbows Services and I are on the same page regarding my need for their potential services.  He is working to pull together a proposal to provide a more professional and infinitely more flexible option for us.  His proposal is due later this week and I am looking forward to closing this connection as soon as I can afford to do so.

Until all of that comes together I won’t have a lot more news to report. 

“See Mister, here is my loose collection of words and a bag of gold; won’t you craft them into a book for me?”



One response to “Back to School: The Waiting Game

  1. Still a struggle with Authorhouse, almost there. Will keep you up to date. Regards; Jim Blaha

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