On the Horns of a Dilemma

 Well gang, my good friends on the LinkedIn Group Book Writing, Self Publishing, and Marketing for Business People     have saved me from making a major mistake.  They convinced me that I wanted to be my own publisher. 

 I am not ready to make that leap because I know what I don’t know, and  a number of steps (and different companies) that I have to master to be successful.  Here are a few of my questions:

 I have not decided to be my own publisher. 

1.      I have decided that I want my own ISBN‘s

2.      I want full ownership of a files and working copies, including vector file of the cover and print ready PDF’s.

3.      That I will NOT be ripped off

4.      That there is a fair balance of proceeds allocation

5.      That I will not ‘poison’ the literary well by not choosing suspect package solutions

6.      That I want a fair split of royalties/profits

7.      That I will not pay twice for the same thing

8.      That I want ISBN Registration

9.      That I want Library of Congress registration and placement

10.   That I don’t want my rights or ownership or flexibility compromised

11.   That I do not want to make rookie mistakes

12.   That I obtain custom work, at lower (will not compromise on Quality) cost

13.   That I have full copyright protection

14.   That I can go to ANY printer and have the data to do so, down the road

15.   That I will design/build/manage my own sales website

16.   That I will do my press releases

17.   That I will do my marketing

18.   That I want my title in every format (Hard, soft, eBook)

19.   That I can access as much of the distribution channel as possible

20.   That I will not do what I do not know (Leaning towards Aventine as opposed to full self-publishing) how to do it!

21.   That I will NOT be ripped off

22.   That this is a pleasant experience for all involved, particularly Me

 I’m still a rookie here (as you well know).  At 64 years of age, I don’t want to learn an entirely new (Publishing) field, just to publish this book!

 Is that too much to aspire to?

 The quest continues on Monday



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