Authors – If you Learn One Thing ….

These were the toughest two days so far…

Today and yesterday were the toughest in recent memory!  I have been dreading the process of processing my editor’s (Edit me FAST) findings and changes and discovered holes in the story.  Doing the thorough job that I have come to expect, and (his) processing of my ‘clean’ manuscript – there was so much Red!  Wow!  Having said that, a process that I expected to be a four day four day ordeal, was completed in two! 

If any of us learn one thing in our process of creating the next ‘Best Seller’ learn that you MUST hire a qualified Proofreader – up to a Developmental Editor.  I found a Great one (the Feightner luck is still holding).  Something to think about; your proofreader or editor (they are VERY different), will process your grammar and punctuation, and structure and cohesiveness, but in what way will she/he present those suggestions to you?   If they offer their suggestions (and they are all suggestions) in a compassionate and low-key manner, your tendency will be to accept more than you might from a more ‘direct’ approach.  In the final analysis, you want to accept their suggestions.  They know more about their business than you do; you are just the author!  But remember, you both want the same thing, a highly acclaimed and successful publication.

So, it is now the 16th hour since I started working today; I worked 14 hours yesterday.  I feel GOOD.  I feel that we have produced something of value.  After I finish my website, with professional assistance (SmartAuthorSites), and the Marketing, and the Twitting, oops Twittering, and the Facebook-ing, And the LinkedIn‘g and all the other means of marketing that are at our disposal today, we have a Quality, Funny, Nostalgic, and Informative product to offer to our fans.



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