Lynn’s Story

Lynn’s Story

People have asked me to talk more about our first book: Lynn’s Story.  Several more have inquired as to where/how they can purchase same. 

 Here is a little information that indicates to me that you can still order it directly from CaringBridge.  If that is your wish, I wouldn’t wait much longer as we published the book the end of April, 2010, with a finite press run.

Here is what I know:
You are Invited I would like to invite you to take a look at my Caring Bridge CaringBook. It has all the stories, journal entries, guest book entries, tributes and photos that Lynn and I chose for our book. If you like, you can buy your own copy.Please view my book!If you have any questions, please contact the SharedBook Customer Service Team through the web interface at or at 1-888-212-3121.

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